Why It Matters – The February 17th Show

Why It Matters – The February 17th Show

Deep State Jitters: Andrew Weissmann

The Stone sentencing kerfuffle is a Deep State head-fake; don’t fall for it

The immediately-ready WaPo-published letter signed by 1,100 former DOJ ‘officials’—demanding Barr’s resignation—gives away the game


  1. Mueller/DOJ team wanted 7-9 years to stick it to Stone (remember the Stone arrest?)
  2. Barr said no, leave it to the judge to decide without a DOJ recommendation
  3. Mueller/DOJ team defied Barr, and went ahead with the 7-9 year recommendation
  4. Barr moved to correct and conform to his decision
  5. Mueller/DOJ team went to work with preset PR campaign (public letter) to claim Trump ordered Barr to reduce a DOJ-approved recommendation, and Barr obeyed…therefore Barr must resign


The American people are on to Deep State lies and tactics

Barr/Durham investigation is making leftists very nervous


Deep State Jitters: Andrew Weissmann (cont’d)

Weissman appears on Meet the Press 2/16 and intimates that Barr is using independent review of Flynn case as cover for new investigation into Comey, McCabe and Strzok

That’s Weissmann sending SOS to Dem/MSM/Pravda – he’s worried


The Michael Flynn case REEKS of government misconduct, and the case is at the center and origin of the entire Russia collusion hoax and Deep State coup plotting

  • Atty Sidney Powell has publicly and in court been calling out government misconduct in Flynn case, and so informed AG Barr by private letter weeks ago
  • That’s why AG Barr was finally moved to conduct an independent review of Mueller team conduct in the Flynn case

….and Andrew Weissmann is worried about where that will lead…


Trump Does Daytona 500

Trump’s connection with NASCAR-nation Americans is real

They are America-loving patriots; so is he

Trump is also a master at branding

  • 747 flyover of the track
  • Taking a lap in the Beast
  • Gentlemen, start your engines


Near perfect re-election theater

Americans know it, and love it—


Trump is FOR America; Dems are AGAINST America—It’s that simple