Why It Matters – The February 18th Show

Why It Matters – The February 18th Show

Trump & Limbaugh – Why the Hate?


Limbaugh’s passing, and the leftist’ reaction of vile, vicious, rabid, angry hate, deserves serious examination—what in the world causes human beings to behave this way?

  • Racist, bigot, sexist, homophobe” was the constant caricature, and none of it was true
  • Countless Rush listeners recount being utterly baffled by the disconnect between what they

were told they would hear, and what they actually heard (watch Rush at CPAC 2009)

  • A stark reminder that Trump isn’t the first and isn’t unique in causing hysterical hatred in response to an America First, America is great, America-loving political philosophy

Americans are waking up:

  • The leftist alternative to love of America is pure poison, individually and collectively
  • Americans massively rejected leftism in November 2020—Trump/MAGA got 12M more votes than 2016—but Americans’ will is being ignored and violated



Education Instilling Tribalism


Public school stories from:

Chicago – ‘Culturally responsive education rule’ = social activism as education

NYC – Parents must rate themselves in terms of white supremacist attitudes

Philadelphia – Elementary school children play-act a rally for ‘freeing Angela Davis’

  • This is tribalism/group identity politics on steroids; it is not about learning to read and write
  • This is a fundamental denial of the ‘self-evident truths’ articulated in America’s founding documents: All are created equal by God; all are endowed by God as individuals with rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness

This is why alarms are sounding about the ongoing Marxist overthrow of America

The Marxists/Communists know EXACTLY what they are doing

Do USA elected officials Understand?  Do they care enough to stop it?

                        Early answers are not encouraging


Join the America Tribe


The starkness of the choices and directions are becoming clear

This is not a debate at the margins of modestly different worldviews

This is communism vs. freedom

This is about tribalism vs. the primacy of the individual

This is about faith vs. raw, empty materialism

This is America vs. Not America

Human history shows that American ideals have produced the most moral, harmonious, prosperous and technologically advanced culture on earth…not perfect, but vastly

superior to anything else

America needs to stick with her founding ideals

Americans need to stay with the America tribe