Why It Matters – The February 18th Show

Why It Matters – The February 18th Show

Orchestrated Barr Brawl

  • A public letter!! signed by 1,100 DOJ ‘officials’ !! denouncing Barr!!!
  • Judges confer—what to do about Barr??!!

Don’t be distracted by these SQUIRRELS!   These reflect a preset PR plan being executed by Deep State/MSM ruling class operators who are extremely nervous about Barr/Durham

The Barr/Durham investigation into the ‘predicate’ for Deep State spying on the Trump campaign…that turned into a coup against the President….


The Obama DOJ/FBI shredded the ideal of impartial justice under law,

undergirded by respect for truth

If accountability is not imposed via Barr/Durham—

            America may not recover- – rule of law will be destroyed


Bankrupting the Boy Scouts

BSA bankruptcy is not surprising; undetected pedophiles a longstanding problem, made worse as BSA leadership early on caved to the militant LGBT agenda for gay scoutmasters

FoxNews story on the BSA bankruptcy does not say anything about the nature of the sex abuse lawsuits that forced the bankruptcy filing, but they undoubtedly include sex abuse of young boys by gay/ pedophile scoutmasters

The bigger picture issue: Symbols of love for God and country, and traditional morality—are always targeted by the left, and we’re not supposed to talk about that ….

Americans can rise to reclaim their culture—but will they?


FeminExit: Bail Reform, Boy Scouts, Borders

Women of America must take pay attention:

Bail reform—argued as compassionate by the left—is plainly failing; crime is increasing

Boy Scouts/Girl Scouts—

  • Want your Girl Scout daughters led on camping trip by reps of the local frat house?
  • Want your Boy Scout sons led on camping trip by openly gay scout master?
  • Answering ‘no’ to both questions is common sense—but it is not allowed by leftists/feminists and the LGBT militants

Borders – does ‘open borders’—anybody, anytime—seem like a good idea for your home?

For your country?

“Feminists” are just leftists; women are NOT drawn to leftism

Therefore – FEMINEXIT!