Why It Matters – The February 1st Show

Why It Matters – The February 1st Show

It’s YOUR Country


Frequent ACWT guest Rebecca Friedrich soon to release “They are Your Children!”

  • A documentary to wake up parents to their right role, and demand that schools not undermine them or go around them


The same principle applies to Americans and America:  IT’S YOUR COUNTRY!

  • The federal government is NOT America; no government at any level is America
  • America is the American people
  • American people demanding freedom to exercise American constitutional rights is the essence of America

This is the ‘war for the soul of America’ going on in 2022

               Americans everywhere re-learning the meaning and power of freedom


Save the Children:

Schools Propagandize Kids & Fake Out Parents


The Federalist highlights a national trend:  Upscale, private, often Christian schools are teaching CRT and…lying to parents about it

  • Embrace of trendy secular intellectualism

CRT/1619 Project are what the smart people believe…

  • Seeming loss of confidence in the Bible and Christian principles

Lying to customers (parents) is never a good strategy…will eventually destroy these schools

Parents MUST stand up to demand an end the lying by school administrators

and then end the teaching of America-as-systemically-racist


Truckers: Government is the Fringe Minority


New rallying cry for the entire world:  KEEP ON TRUCKIN!!

Canadian truckers are all about demanding freedom

Covid vaccine mandates are just the trigger

Ottawa Mayor calls on tow truck companies to remove the big trucks

Answer:  “We’ve got covid”

Justin Trudeau seems unable to grasp what is going on

  • Calling the truckers racist and ‘white nationalists’ is transparently false to everyone watching
  • Claiming a majority of Canadians are disgusted by the truckers is transparently false
  • How much more lying can he do and still stay in office?


Reality Therapy –

U Penn Swimmer and CA Sex Offender


  • Lia Thomas is a biological male, with male genitalia, and walks around in women’s

locker room ‘bothering’ real women

  • California biological male, convicted as a minor for sexual assault of a woman, claims to now be a woman, and is sentenced to be in prison at a female penitentiary

what could go wrong?

Americans must insist on an end to indulging left-wing fantasies

and humoring left-wing delusions

Individuality is unique

biological gender is binary:  Male and Female


Fraudulent Military Ballots?


Arizona mail-in ballots from the US military…in 2016 – 1,600 ballots

  • In 2020 – 9,600 ballots
  • In the form of 8.5” X 11” paper copies, not ballots
  • No chain of custody records
  • 95% in favor of Biden…from the US military
  • And Biden ‘won’ AZ by around 10K votes

Same kind of election fraud evidence emerging in other swing states

The 2020 election was stolen, and every honest examiner of the evidence knows it

What will Americans demand from their ‘leaders’ to fix it?