Why It Matters – The February 1st Show

Why It Matters – The February 1st Show

  • Worst of Biden’s EO Binge


Maybe the worst of EOs:  removal of required cost-benefit analysis to justify regulations

This is how Pandora’s Box opened for regulatory overreach, esp. involving climate change

  • Keystone pipeline-type projects easily killed by regulation on simple grounds of ‘necessity’ to combat climate change…
  • Just like economic lockdowns on grounds of ‘necessity’ to combat pandemic
  • No analysis of competing interests of jobs, communities, tax-revenues vs. how solid are expectations of climate change benefits

Example: LA County recently banned TVs at outdoor bars

Not a federal action, but same concept:  what is the cost-benefit analysis?

Militant leftist causes won’t require any justification beyond militancy

Americans will not respond well to what may feel like

                        arbitrary, job-killing regulation


Injustice Avalanche Coming


  • Anti-Biden meme-ster arrested by FBI and facing 10 years for tweeting encouragement of Dems to vote for Biden by text
  • Anti-Trump meme-ster found doing EXACTLY the same thing—tweeting encouragement of Trump supporters to vote by text…will there be an FBI arrest and push for imprisonment?
  • Dem Senator Whitehouse pushing for disqualification of charitable status of Turning Point USA because of holding a ‘super-spreader’ event in Florida in fall 2020
  • A summer full of super-spreader riots all over America…will Whitehouse be pushing for disqualification of any charities involved in summer riots?
  • Pelosi’s husband makes big investment in Tesla just prior to Biden announcement re federal move to all-electric vehicles
  • Will a Dem FBI/DOJ even investigate?

The American people see all of this…and they see a ruling class that enforces it

                        Loss of the rule of law is extremely dangerous for all Americans


CRT, White Supremacy/Privilege & Truth


Racism has been the poison of choice for leftists for decades

  • 1619 v. 1776 Projects
  • Critical race theory taught everywhere; Georgia state rep castigated for even asking about it
  • Fancy NY private school receives blast from parent/donors, objecting to avalanche of teaching America hatred—but the letter is delivered anonymously, because parents fear retribution

This is the ‘silence and divide’ campaign, so harmful to social cohesion

White supremacy should be rooted out and shunned wherever actually found,

            but broad-brush, unfounded accusation and castigation hurts everyone


GOP After Trump


“W” officials running for the exits from GOP

But Kevin McCarthy travels to Florida to mend fences with Trump

2022 GOP retaking of the House seen as dependent on Trump support

75 million Trump voters are NOT Trump sycophants or cultists…but they ARE resentful of ruling class elitism & defiance of America First agenda

        Remains to be seen what will become of the GOP…lots of sorting out, still to come