Why It Matters – The February 20th Show

Why It Matters – The February 20th Show

Presidents’ Day: What’s the President’s Job?


America’s founding was crystal clear:  There would be no KING

  • No decrees, orders, or rules issued unilaterally by a single all-powerful ruler

Office of the Presidency is to protect and defend Constitutional freedoms/individual rights

YET…Biden admin—

  • Carrying out Gulag/political imprisonment, willfully violating every American right of due process with hundreds of J6 protestors who did nothing wrong at Capitol
  • Decimating the American military…driving out Christian patriots with vaccine mandates; driving out the unwoke; leaving a depleted fighting force v. real enemies
  • Selling out to China via massive corruption/grift

Biden behaves like an installed occupant

Installed to destroy the America under the Constitution

Is there any other explanation?


Americans Fighting Tyranny & Lawlessness


Open southern border just gets worse and worse

  • Biden admin now proposing to ‘parole them (illegal aliens) into the USA’
  • Fentanyl is deliberate poisoning of Americans…by China

Covid tyranny never stops

  • Vaccine injury and ‘excess mortality’ data is overwhelming…but govt keeps pushing vaccines

State Dept hiding programs from FOIA inquiry

Omnibus bill passed entirely through proxy voting—now being challenged by TX AG Paxton

  • While leftwing bar assn goes after Paxton

Election-rigging and election fraud evidence now overwhelming

  • While leftwing bar assn goes after licenses of lawyers who seek legal remedies (S. Powell)

    Credit to Tina Peters, America First Legal, and AG Paxton for STANDING UP


Biden Surrenders Health Care Sovereignty to WHO


Biden admin signs on to WHO global initiative for pandemic response

No President has unilateral authority to give up American sovereignty on any subject

  • The American people have not consented to this and do not consent to this
  • Will US House or Senate object?

Disconnect between—

  • Ordinary Americans’ attitudes re all aspects of pandemic response…AND
  • Biden admin’s continued pressing of all of it….never been wider or starker

Civil society cannot be maintained in the face of Govt defiance/disdain for the people

Does anyone in the Biden admin know this?  Or care?


James O’Keefe OUT at Project Veritas


Whether O’Keefe resigned or was terminated…no difference to future of Project Veritas

  • PV will close its doors soon…and James O’Keefe will find new and renewed donors

O’Keefe embarrassed/exposed extremely powerful people and organizations

  • Pfizer…Big Tech…Public Health officials

..they all want him gone

Expect smears of O’Keefe to accelerate and become uglier

  • His enemies want him unable to resurface in any similar investigative form

O’Keefe to partner with RFK, Jr.? 

This may appear as a battle between persons; but it is a battle between Truth and lies

Truth will always win