Why It Matters – The February 20th Show

Why It Matters – The February 20th Show

TEXAS GOP Primary: Propositions AND Judges MATTER!


Early voting for March 5 primary starts today in Texas…

Historic level of primary challenges to GOP incumbents throughout the state

  • Paxton sneak-attack impeachment exposed the division: Ruling Class vs. the Patriot Movement

Ballot propositions reflect grass roots determination to set the America First agenda

  • These propositions are a vehicle to tell the TX Legislature what their GOP voters want!

Contentious races for TX Criminal Ct of Appeals judges. VOTE FOR Schenck, Parker & Finley

  • Appellate decision taking election fraud prosecution out of the hands of State AG, and effectively in the hands of Soros-funded DA’s….profoundly controversial…its effect: NO prosecution of election fraud
  • This decision must be reversed; new judges can help

Across America, a mission to  restore government to ‘We the People’

Patriots MUST Vote!


American Game Changer: Mike Benz Interview with Tucker Carlson


Carlson/Benz interview may be the most important to the future of the Republic, EVER

  • View it, multiple times…share it…talk about it

Mike Benz articulates, thoroughly and precisely, the ‘switcheroo’ by which US govt’s regime—change engineers who developed and used social media manipulation and censorship (‘dirty tricks’) to control foreign country elections…TURNED THEIR TOOLS AND MISSION ON THE AMERICAN PEOPLE AND THE US ELECTION OF 2020

Context matters’…and the Carlson/Benz interview places all of the corruption, deceit, narrative engineering and election-stealing tactics in context:  it was and is the design of the institutional

ruling class of the federal government, who equate their opinions with what is best for the

American people…voters be damned

        Not one legacy media outlet has even attempted a rebuttal of Benz

        ‘Truth will Out’ – and America CAN be restored as lies are exposed


Truckers Boycott NYC After Trump Trial 


The spirit of truckers is the spirit of Patriots

  • No-nonsense, hard-working people of common sense who make the country run

ØTruckers in Canada were first to light the fire of liberty on Trudeau’s tyranny

ØTruckers in Texas filled the southern border towns with inspiration

ØTruckers around NYC (and maybe DC) are starting to vent after ridiculous Trump fine

üRumors of stoppage of deliveries in protest of judicial corruption

üEven a few days of stoppage can send a powerful message

Tactically focused work stoppages of many kinds may be the saving grace of ‘We the People’

The ruling class believes ‘We the People’ are ultimately passive impotent spectators

They have pushed this belief too far…2024 is just beginning to prove that fact