Why It Matters – The February 21st Show

Why It Matters – The February 21st Show

Asbury Revival & Saving America


Asbury College revival story is highlighting the stakes and the reality of 2023:

Strident atheism and materialism is on a roll in the world

…and THAT is the true enemy of America and humanity

The deepest questions—as old as human history—are being starkly confronted

  • What is the nature of creation? Of man?
  • What is the purpose of life?
  • What is health?
  • Who decides what truth and love are?
  1. Gen. Mike Flynn is rare among American leaders – He Gets the Revival’s deeper meaning

read his recent speech to the St. Thomas More Society

The crisis is a loss of God; the way out is to re-find and re-learn God


Biden Appoints Race Agitator-in-Chief


Obama sycophant Susan Rice tapped by Biden to implement DEI across federal govt

  • Opens the floodgates of CRT/division/racialization-of-all-things throughout govt
  • Eliminates meritocracy in favor of LGBTQ-dominated tokenism and incompetence

This is a major, overt step toward:

  • Destruction of the individuality of man and woman
  • Denial of the importance of individual morality and character
  • Materialization and dehumanization of everyone into subsets of the masses

It is utterly godless; will accelerate moral depravity and destruction…an American wasteland

Americans need to return to their Judeo-Christian roots

Pray…and keep praying

With an expectation of answered prayer that will heal and uplift