Why It Matters – The February 21st Show

Why It Matters – The February 21st Show

GOP Senators Betray America


  • Senate vote to defund vaccine mandates defeated by Dems: 47-46
  • Four GOP Senators ducked and ran away from the vote
    • Romney, Graham, Burr and Inhofe
    • McConnell orchestrated this evasion
  • Americans must realize: There is no political party for ‘We the People’ or America First
    • The GOP doesn’t represent its base; it doesn’t KNOW its base
  • Time for radical rejection of RINO incumbents…which is nearly all incumbents


WaPo:  Freedom IS White Supremacism


  • WaPo publishes op-ed linking the desire for freedom with white supremacism
  • This is the left in Orwellian hyper-drive…the complete perversion of language

America fought a war to free slaves…was this an act of white supremacism?

  • The left redefines any resistance to collectivist control as racist
    • Seeks to redefine freedom as inappropriate for collectivist ‘right ideas’ like climate change controls, public health controls, bank account controls

Truth and Freedom are stirring in America and the world…must be re-learned for the 21st Century


Biden Takes Action to Prevent Truckers Protest in America


  • Biden extends the one year official ‘state of emergency’…claiming powers otherwise not available under the Constitution
    • Fears a US truckers convoy reaching Washington DC on March 1 – scheduled SOTU
  • The world’s trend is to END vaccine mandates and other covid restrictions
    • UK, Israel leading the way, while the US lags

Millions of Americans…millions of mankind…are fed up and have seen through the lies

  • The Beltway pretends it has authority to lead, but moral authority has been lost

Exciting times to be alive…and in the fight to preserve America and freedom


Canada Takes Action Against Truckers:  Plots Manhunt for Supporters

Trudeau has gone full dictator

  • Chrystia Freeland—Canadian cabinet official and director of WEF—intends to make bank account confiscation power ‘permanent’

Canadian Parliament supposed to vote today on whether to affirm Trudeau declaration of emergency

Monumental historical times in Canada and for the world

  • The appearance of Trudeau in control may prove temporary…videos of arrests and open police brutality are going viral, and the Canadian people appear furious at what Trudeau has done…

The Canadian Freedom Convoy story is far from over