Why It Matters – The February 22nd Show

Why It Matters – The February 22nd Show


FREE MONEY! $1,000 month


West Hollywood to trial a version of ‘universal basic income’:

  • $1K/month support
  • For people >50 who identify as LGBTQ
  • No rules or limits on how money is spent

When private people or charities give away their own money, that is private prerogative,

with private motive, and private assessment of efficacy => accountability for results

When govt does this with ‘OPM’—other people’s money (taxpayers’)—it ALWAYS fails

  • Costless virtue-signaling => ‘more money’ + ‘more recipients’ = ‘more fair’
  • Ignoring the realities of life: responsibility, work, reward, moral choices

UBI is just another version of LBJ’s Great Society..and will end the same way

Trillions in wealth redistribution…but no help to poor people


Parliament Supports Trudeau: “Nazi” tactic works


Tearful Jewish member of Canadian Parliament laments a Nazi flag seen among freedom convoy protesters…equates trucker horn-honking with ‘heil Hitler’

  • Paves the way for affirming Trudeau’s grab of totalitarian, tyrannical power

This is the absolute evil of ‘false flag’ tactics that the weak-minded are unable to discern

  • Just like the real Hitler’s Reichstag fire

Canadian politicians have put Canada on a path toward unimaginable darkness

  • Millions of Canadians are awake, but can they overcome media and police and force a course change?

The stakes for Canada have never been higher – freedom has taken a huge hit


President’s Day Yesterday –  George Washington


  • Washington’s life filled with achievements exemplifying courage and high character

Learn the story of 21 year old George Washington and a letter delivered to Ft. LeBoeuf

  • Washington was a noble and great leader…much to justify him as ‘father of our country’
  • Left wants to recast him as racist and unworthy of study
  • America now led by a senile, incoherent, compromised, pandering, unaccomplished career politician who is turning to racism to fill a SCOTUS vacancy…and inviting aggression around the world through manifest weakness

America is experiencing incalculable damage from the stolen election


Why Putin Launched in Ukraine NOW?


As Durham proceeds, Americans are waking up to the damage from HRC’s Russia collusion hoax

  • Recall: “Trump is Putin’s patsy”…’Russia hacked the DNC’…”Trump is caving to Putin for help in the 2016 election”
  • Trump was impeached by the Dem/left for wanting to investigate Biden/Ukraine corruption

Yet Putin made no aggressive moves during Trump’s Presidency…

Under Biden, the US military has been weakened…and the American people have lost so much trust in the govt that there is no support for war over a Russia/Ukraine border when the US/Mexico border is undefended and overrun

History’s lessons are simple:  Strength deters aggression; weakness invites it

The world and America needs serious adult leadership, NOW

Dangerous times ahead


Pretend Gender Stories


Penn swimmer (ranked #462 as a male, #1 as a female) continues to win

(except for one loss to another transgender man)

Women’s sports will cease to exist if this fantasy continues to be indulged

Stories continue to surface re actual harm to ‘gender transitioning’ efforts imposed on children and young people and adults

  • A society that embraces physiological gender re-engineering has dismissed God from order and creation, and appointed ‘rulers of men’ to take the place of God
  • History suggests this isn’t a new idea…and never ends well