Why It Matters – The February 22nd Show

Why It Matters – The February 22nd Show

GA “Special Grand Jury” & Trump


Georgia’s participation in ‘lawfare’ against Trump…

…convened ‘special grand jury’ to review Trump’s post-election phone calls

  • Isn’t a real grand jury…cannot issue indictments
  • Offers ‘opinion’ that DA should look further into possible perjury by unnamed persons
  • Jury foreperson does an interview—utterly unserious embarrassment to the judicial system

Collective establishment/Uniparty effort to do ANYTHING to keep Trump from running…so transparent…so relentless…so over the top (a ‘special grand jury’?)…

  • No one is fooled by their tactics
  • Puts the spotlight back on them…forces sentient observers to ask:

Why are they so afraid of Trump?

      No one has threatened the institutional corruption of US govt like Donald Trump

                                 This corruption is America’s enemy, not Trump


Trump Supports Soros?


Recent commentary tries to link past interconnections between Soros/Trump and Soros/Kushner/Mnuchin as proof of present influence or alliance of Soros with Trump

a DeSantis campaign angle?

Billionaires tend to know each other…may collaborate occasionally…however:

  • Soros is on record vilifying Trump as a ‘pitiful loser’…hoping Trump will be rejected by GOP

and run as an independent to split vote and allow Dem to win

  • Trump has recently fund-raised off specific denouncement of Soros and his agenda
  • Kushner appears to have lost influence w/Trump…may not be involved in a Trump 47 admin

Deep State will explore and/or fabricate any conceivable angle to disqualify/’de-popularize’ Trump

The American people are awakening to this Deep State phenomenon

Effect is to strengthen, not weaken, Trump’s populist support


Vaccine Danger & Pfizer Cover-up


ØGerman newspaper has alleged Pfizer fabricated clinical trials to cover up deaths

ØScotland data showing excess mortality post-vaccines

ØNZ data:  more vaxxed…more likely to die from covid

ØCA perinatal data:  recent 20X surge in deaths according to funeral homes…vaccine-related?

ØDr. Peter McCullough recently estimated:  minimum 250K US deaths from covid vaccines


Data is rapidly accumulating around the world:  sudden death, excess mortality, disabilities

all dramatically on the rise since mass covid vaccination

Silence of legacy media on this data is truly dystopian, bizarre, even trance-like

But the data keeps accumulating…cannot be ignored…and real lives are affected

Are we witnessing Big Pharma crimes against humanity?


Woke Lunacy in Medical Schools


Columbia medical schools on video…chanting Hippocratic Oath integrated with CRT

  • Mind-numbing to watch
  • Cannot possibly improve medical care…true science is not about shifting social justice ideas

ØDEI is engineered mediocrity via superficial tokenism around physical attributes

ØCRT is engineered race-envy and race-hatred

ØTheir purpose is to displace Judeo-Christian concepts of individual merit and character across all areas of human endeavor


As Trump warned:  “Everything woke turns to sh*t