Carlsbad, California restauranteurs have asserted their rights under the Declaration of open for indoor dining. California Governor Newsom is facing a recall. Interesting conflict. SCOTUS has let America down. If election fraud lawsuits are dismissed for lack of standing before the inauguration, and dismissed as moot after the inauguration, the American people have no recourse against election fraud--they don't even have anyone in official law enforcement/justice positions who will investigate and examine the evidence. Festering injustice is destabilizing.

Why It Matters – The February 22nd Show

Why It Matters – The February 22nd Show

Herds, Masks & the Carlsbad Revolt


  • Dozens of Carlsbad CA restaurant owners re-open for business, seating customers

inside and out, in defiance of Gov. Newsom’s draconian and long-term covid orders.

THIS is the spirit of American freedom.  Owners running their businesses, and citizens free to eat at restaurants, are part of life, liberty & the pursuit of happiness.

  • Marty Makary, medical doctor & health policy expert w/ Johns Hopkins says America will have herd immunity from covid by April. Of this year! AND confirms that covid cases are down by 76%, NOT just due to the vaccine. (And 99+% covid survival rate!)
  • Yet Dr. Anthony Fauci says that America will still be wearing masks for covid in 2022.

Americans are waking up to the reality that Covid policy, especially in Blue States that LOVE BIG GOV has crossed the line from protecting public safety to depriving citizens of constitutionally protected freedom.


SCOTUS Betrays Voters


The Supreme Court today rejected numerous cases related to the 2020 elections.

  • Two cases challenged PA mail-in ballot procedures, finding those cases to be “moot.” Those cases involved non-legislative officials extending the deadline for mail-in ballots, violating state law, despite that Constitution allows ONLY legislators make election law.
    • Cases challenging PA’s, AZ’s, GA’s & WI’s elections were also dismissed, as was one of Sidney Powell’s cases involving the MI election.
    • SCOTUS dismissed a Dec 2020 case brought by TX AG Ken Paxton, in which 17 states AND 126 of 196 GOP members of the House joined, the court finding “no judicially cognizable interest” had been shown. Every fraudulent vote suppresses a real one.

Again, no court review of the substance of election fraud claims.

Frustration mounts that the means and methods of fraud have not been exposed, so future elections are at risk.