Why It Matters – The February 23rd Show

Why It Matters – The February 23rd Show



Snapshots are not full length movies…a battle outcome is not a war outcome

Canadian truckers appear at this snapshot in time to have lost, and Trudeau tyranny won


  • Convoy was about love of freedom in Canada; no amount of lies can make it about Nazi-ism
  • Vaccination rates are high in Canada, and data says the pandemic is over…but ‘emergency powers’ to impose vaccine mandates are still warranted?
  • Arrest and solitary confinement for immigrant pastor who also objects to mandates

…Canadians’ collective conscience supports all of this?

And now 38K USA truckers have taken up the mantle, with a convoy to DC

Truckers not really about ONLY protesting vaccine mandates, but about ‘we the people’ standing up to obvious abuse of power by a dishonest ruling class

The cause of freedom has not been defeated


AOC De-Stresser


AOC releases TikTok video of face-in-ice-water as a ‘de-stresser’ from Congress pressures

  • Leftist sycophants will call it hip and cool and real…and mock ‘boomers’ for criticizing
  • AOC stands for the leftist agenda simplified: everything in life should be free right now

Compare AOC’s stresses to George Washington’s at age 21 as a major in the colonial army with put-your-life-at-risk assignments

America’s cause of freedom is serious and exceptional in all of human history

  • Such a serious and exceptional cause requires serious and mature leadership

Congress is filled with incumbents of both parties

who need to be replaced by People who understand

America’s Unique Greatness


Even NYT Scorns CDC Secrecy


Even the NYT felt compelled to report on CDC’s unwillingness to share vaccine data

CDC justifies withholding data because the public may ‘misinterpret’ it

(and CDC sought to prevent public disclosure of vaccine trial data for 75 years)

Anyone with an ounce of common sense understands the reason for the CDC’s position:

  • The data does not support the official assurance that the vaccines are ‘safe and effective’

Data cannot be forever suppressed; the NYT is aware it has been complicit in suppression

Stench of fraud is in the air…health ‘authorities’ are NOT building public confidence

The story of vaccine safety and efficacy is not over


School Boards Meeting The People


Bosnian immigrant parent warns:  do NOT submit to mask mandates

School Board president runs away when presented with photo of her unmasked

…while she and the rest of the school board impose mask mandates on children

Ruling class disdain for the ‘masses’ is truly ‘systemic’ and must be rooted out

Parents in general, and moms in particular—and largely without regard to political affiliation—are proving to be an extraordinary force for upending and replacing the ruling class at every level of governance

Re-learning freedom and the power of ‘we the people’ in America is a beautiful thing