Why It Matters – The February 23rd Show

Why It Matters – The February 23rd Show

Black History Month and Thomas Sowell


90-year old Dr. Thomas Sowell is an American treasure – a ‘public intellectual’, prolific writer of columns and books on economics, education, law & justice, wealth & poverty, morality, freedom—and has an extraordinary personal life story

Watch the free documentary:  “Dr. Thomas Sowell:  Common Sense in a Senseless World

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Sowell exemplifies Martin Luther King’s hope and vision:

Excellence of character and intellect and wisdom transcends skin color…

…unifies and inspires all as members of the human race

Black History Month is ideal for celebrating the achievements and brilliance of Dr. Thomas Sowell


312 Billion Reasons to Reject the Coronavirus Bill


Main Street Americans (MSA’s) want to trust their elected officials…but they wonder:

  • Why on earth does a covid relief bill involve ANY spending beyond covid relief?
  • A $600 check barely helps anyone; yet $312B in non-covid spending is included
  • $312B is enough to give 150M American adults another $2,080

MSA’s increasingly feel no connection whatsoever with the Washington DC ruling class

The ruling class’ relentless propping up of the myth that there is no limit to the amount of money the federal government can print and spend is criminally irresponsible

What can’t continue, won’t

The bill will eventually come due, and MSA’s will suffer the consequences

Covid relief bill stokes desire for a new political party