Why It Matters – The February 24th Show

Why It Matters – The February 24th Show

Biden and Covid Progress


Biden election touted as arrival of new covid competence, but so far–

  • No money to anyone
  • No help to small businesses
  • No school re-openings
  • More mask mandates; two masks better than one
  • Bizarre, giggling new CDC Director promises dark future; vaccination won’t stop masks and social distancing and limits on travel


  • Covid cases dropping globally by more than 75%
  • Increasing medical confirmation of therapies/remedies other than vaccines
  • Expert predicts ‘herd immunity’ in April 2021

Americans are getting restless; soon, the one-year anniversary of ‘two weeks to flatten the curve’


Cuomo & Newsom and Voter Wrath


Cuomo secretary admits to lying about death figures to fend off federal scrutiny

8,500 deaths reported instead of actual number of 15,000

Cuomo refused to use USNS Comfort; but put sick people in retirement homes

No GOP governor could survive politically after such recklessness

Cuomo orders NY restaurants can next week reopen to 35% instead of 25%

New Yorkers are stirring:  do they want a govt allowed to say a business may be open only 35% or 25%?

Newsom recall has more than 1.7M signatures…only 1.5M required by March 17

Historic hypocrisy:  Newsom team validating every signature…after an election where signature verification ignored by Dems in order to facilitate cheating

Americans are chafing at restrictions on freedom

They know:  covid policy is mostly about politics, little about science