Why It Matters – The February 25th Show

Why It Matters – The February 25th Show

Stages & Shapes of Tyranny


Too many Americans believe—

  • Tyranny means troops at the door at midnight…

and therefore anything less can be shrugged off

  • The right response to tyranny is hiding from it, not openly challenging it

But tyranny creeps in through promises of safety and security

Example #1:  questioning election results = white supremacy = January 6th = domestic terrorism = justification for ending free speech…and many Americans go along with it

Example #2:  Covid police state enveloping the country, eviscerating freedoms…but justified for public safety

Ex-Clinton staffer Naomi Wolf says this is Step 10 of ten steps to fascism

     By the time troops are at the door at midnight, it’s too late to resist tyranny

                                                Americans need to wake up


Tyranny:  Media, Speech, Banks & Elections


  • Dem Congressmen bully cable providers to drop Fox, OAN and NewsMax
  • After four years of Dems questioning 2016 election result, Dems moving to make questioning 2020 election result an act of domestic terrorism
  • Obama’s Operation Chokepoint – pressuring banks to stop working with businesses unfavored by leftists (e.g., gun sellers), now being reviewed for reinstatement
  • HR1 is the federalizing of elections and the enabling of documented election fraud mechanisms

A radical left govt is doing radical left things

Did Americans vote for this???


Covid Budget Busters


WSJ says $1 trillion out of $1.9 trillion ‘covid relief’ bill is NOT for covid

A leftist’ wish list of progressive spending

Bailing out blue states for extended lockdowns and higher unemployment


All dependent on Americans not knowing, or not caring

Will they, or won’t they?


TX Storm, Climate Change, and American Goodness


  • Texas weather has turned dramatically; thankfully, spring warmth everywhere
  • Windmills and solar power were obviously useless in a crisis of no wind or sun

But leftists want to double down on them???

  • Ted Cruz and AOC are not the story; remember the wisdom of the Italian grandmother:

Just do the right thing, but it doesn’t count if you tell anyone about it!

Texans did the right thing for their fellow Texans…and that should be the story!