Why It Matters – The February 26th Show

Why It Matters – The February 26th Show

Truth about Black History Month


The long-term goal and ideal: “American History Month”

…in which great American men and women of every ethnicity and skin color                  are honored

…irrespective of their gender, ethnicity, or skin color

…but on account of their character—

–and their recognition of the meaning and power of American exceptionalism

Near-term, honoring black Americans in a separate Black History Month is worthwhile

Role models for character, wisdom, ambition, skill and persistence are valuable for all

Honor truth about the past AND truth about the progress

Reject the invitation to divide us

            Clarence Thomas, in his own words: “Created Equal”


Sorry, Bernie – Castro’s Cuba is Miserable


For the sake of an essential and powerful American awakening in 2020…

bring on “Bernie Sanders for President”

Cuba under Castro…made Castro wealthy and Cubans miserable

just like Venezuela under Chavez and Maduro

just like every other socialist and communist government, ever


NEVER FORGET – Real human beings by the thousands sought escape from tyranny–

ALWAYS – from Cuba to the USA, never from the USA to Cuba

ALWAYS – from East Berlin to West Berlin, never the other way

And Communist soldiers ordered to shoot those trying to escape….WHY?


These are learnable lessons in 2020

American Patriots must teach them



Coronavirus DC Update


Do not consent as Americans to the politicization of everything

            President Trump didn’t cause the virus, and he won’t solve it

The American spirit of innovation, determination, resilience and love of life will solve it

But do remember—

The nation of origin of the virus is communist China

The likely origin of the virus is bio-weapon experimentation by communist China

            The early lies about its significance were told by communist China

Communism is a dark, deadly enemy of freedom and truth


Prior to President Trump, too many ‘R’ and ‘D’ administrations dismissed this reality

Medicine shortages in America, if they occur from China’s shutdown, are due to decades of selling out American manufacturing to China via ‘trade policy’

Trump is on the right track with China policy