Why It Matters – The February 27th Show

Why It Matters – The February 27th Show

Thought Control You Never See


Silicon Valley oligarchs have extended thought-control reach far beyond public’s awareness

  • Freedom and free markets permit this
  • What’s needed is to remove any pretension of their objectivity or honesty in pursuit of truth
  • They have a hard left worldview and agenda and an intent to control thought to their ends

oPermeating all walks of life—not just academia

Mark Zuckerberg proceeding w/‘a$$istance’ with election administration efforts nationwide

Eric Schmitt (Google co-founder) investing in multiple startups with subtle and not-so-subtle thought-shaping purposes around public policy and cultural norms

Americans are the most propagandized people on earth…but don’t know it

Mental manipulation by the Biden admin is constant, ongoing

AI makes all of this less visible, more dangerous


Vaxes: Medicare & Woody Harrelson & WHO


Medicare data—considered among the most reliable healthcare data

  • Now shows (per Steve Kirsch) covid vaccines increase risk of death

Woody Harrelson

  • Used SNL opening to call out Big Pharma for apparent orchestration of pandemic to achieve billion$ from vaccination


  • Proposed global takeover of pandemic responses (no US sovereignty) is up for vote this week

The ‘safe and effective vaccines’ narrative has collapsed…it is grotesquely false

Deception by the government and Big Pharma exposed as willful, deliberate

YET…govt still refusing to acknowledge reality; still pushing vaccines

Americans reaching the breaking point:  Can’t live by lies


Arizona Bombshell Testimony


  • AZ financial fraud investigation led by attorney John Thaler turns up apparently documented links between Sinaloa Cartel (Mexican drug cartel) and bribed politicians and other govt officials…linked to perpetration of election fraud
  • Evidence submitted in sworn public testimony to AZ legislature
  • Story still being verified (questions re motives of Thaler due to child custody fight w/ex-wife/alleged Sinaloa link)…but appears to include ‘the receipts’
  • Ramifications of AZ testimony are enormous…AZ ‘governor’ Katie Hobbs implicated

If documents check out, this will not be possible to ignore or sweep away

Governor Kari Lake?


DILBERT Canceled & Angela Davis Exposed


Scott Adams/Dilbert—

  • Getting cancelled over remarks prompted by poll results re racism
  • “Ok to be white”—regardless of who first said it – it’s a generic logical statement.
  • Adams should have disputed the good faith/legitimacy of the poll and its divisive agenda – and criticized the racial race-baiting that is rampant on America’s Left

In America, it’s ok to be white, black, brown, Asian, etc., etc.; and racism is never ok

Content of character matters; skin color does not

Angela Davis turns out to be descended from Mayflower passengers…and white slaveowners

  • So does she owe reparations?…or is she owed them?

Obsession with racism and the history of slavery is a leftist tool of division

Americans need to reject race-baiting in all its forms