Why It Matters – The February 27th Show

Why It Matters – The February 27th Show

Dems Fundamental Destruction of America


Americans are beginning to fully understand—

  • Not one element of the Biden agenda is the result of incompetence or mistake
  • It is the agenda for ‘fundamental transformation’ è fundamental destruction of:

“One nation under God, with liberty and justice for all”

The American people are increasingly enraged

  • Border Patrol agents are desperately pleading for help, for law and order
  • Mayorkas is barely impeached despite willful abandonment of border enforcement
  • Biden admin initiatives for agency-driven voter registration is intended to grow leftist base
  • Carlson/Benz interview exposes the purposefulness of this coup against ‘We the People’

Biden was Obama’s VP because Biden was and is a radical leftist…funded by communists

Americans must find their internal fortitude and resolve

They are being abused by their own govt and must insist that it STOP


Courage to Surrender America ACT


Proposal to allow illegal immigrants to enlist in military is pure poison

Illegal immigrants’ first act in USA is to break the law…

…and then take an oath to ‘protect and defend’ the Constitution???

This can lead to illegals-as-US soldiers willing to fire on US citizens to enforce govt dictates

because no ties to, love for, or sense of kinship with the American people


Biden agenda has deliberately driven conservative Christian patriots out of the military

…and now proposes ‘Courage to Serve’ as the solution to the problem they created intentionally

Solving US military recruitment requires new leadership that inspires American patriots to serve

‘America First’ leadership is the only answer


Nikki Haley’s Mission & LARA Trump as RNC Vice Chair 


Nikki Haley is a pure ruling class machine politician

  • Her purpose is to slow Trump’s official nomination, mucking up campaign funding for presidential race
  • The GOP base doesn’t want her or like her, and has said so decisively in two votes already,

with a third due in South Carolina Feb 24

  • She is powerfully contributing to the GOP base’s disgust with the GOP/RNC

Lara Trump named to emerge soon as new RNC Co-Chair

  • Refreshing candor and keep-it-simple approach
  • RNC has a long way to go to really connect with and reflect GOP base…but Lara will help

The American people want a MAGA agenda; existing ruling class is against the American people

This must change in 2024