Why It Matters – The February 27th Show

Why It Matters – The February 27th Show

Strident Socialism in America


There’s an ugly, angry stridency emerging from many of Bernie’s supporters

  • A Dem candidate gets surrounded and intimidated by Bernie supporters for not demanding more free stuff, like their preferred socialist candidate
  • Socialism has always been driven by envy and covetousness, fanned into anger
  • “Rights” to free stuff like healthcare and education CANNOT be provided without also demanding that the suppliers of these services work for free (or how else can the services be free?)

Requiring other people to work for free to provide your needs = Slavery

Bernie’s campaign violence will not sit well with Americans


TrumpTrainRolling Sanctuary Cities


Second Circuit upholds common sense and the rule of law:

            …of course fed. government funding can be conditioned on compliance with law

President Trump will take aim at ‘sanctuary cities’ and ‘sanctuary states’, which have been refusing to enforce US immigration law without any legal authority whatsoever

…shut off all federal aid unless and until compliance with federal immigration law

  • This is why judicial appointments are important
  • This is why the left will stop at nothing to destroy ‘follow the law’ SCOTUS nominees
  • This is a reason by itself to support the re-election of President Trump and a GOP-controlled Senate

Sanctuary cities should never have arisen in America

If cities don’t like federal law, the remedy is to elect legislators who will change the law


Mississippi/Kentucky Tide Turning


Eight Mississippi Democrat elected officials switch to GOP

They oppose socialism

Kentucky state house seat flips just last week, after 33 years of Dem control, and after district voted Dem for Governor within the last year

The American heritage of freedom runs wide and deep across America

Americans instinctively feel when that heritage is being threatened, and rebel

Bernie’s campaign IS a threat to American freedom, and Americans are stirring

A Trump landslide in 2020 would be a powerful reaffirmation of the American heart for freedom