Why It Matters – The February 28th Show

Why It Matters – The February 28th Show

Big Win for Sidney Powell


Sidney Powell a poster child for leftist vilification of anyone who opposes them

Powell brought four lawsuits alleging election fraud in 2020 election

  • Detailed claims, with hundreds of pages of exhibits attached to the legal complaints
  • Not one Judge looked at the evidence/exhibits; all lawsuits dismissed on procedural grounds
  • Leftist Texas State Bar later acted to disbar Powell for bringing ‘frivolous’ lawsuits

…because the leftist agenda is:  no one can be allowed to question the ‘election’ of Biden

Texas Judge just granted summary judgment AGAINST State bar and FOR Sidney Powell

  • Texas State Bar produced no evidence that Sidney Powell had done anything wrong
  • Judge found State Bar filings to be sloppy, disorganized, incomplete…shabby

Left has made a mockery of the rule of law in America

mob shouting and fist-shaking instead of facts, evidence, reasoning

America’s justice system must rise to reject leftist perversion of law


Debate: 1619 vs Mao’s Brutality


Nikole Hannah-Jones v. Xi Van Fleet in a very public Twitter battle

NH-J—principal author of NYT 1619 Project that claims America built on slavery

…USA must be condemned, forced to pay reparations, never viewed as exceptional

Xi Van Fleet—actual refugee from Mao Tse Tung’s Communist China (frequent ACWT guest)

…experienced first-hand the horrors of communist brutality on family and friends

…experienced first-hand the joys of American freedom and exceptionalism

Twitter battle—given impetus by the free speech values of Elon Musk—very illuminating

  • Leftists rarely advocate based on lived experience; NH-J never lived in China/under communism

…they are academic critics…espousing theories as solutions

  • The result is always disaster by comparison to the American experience

Americans must re-learn American exceptionalism and defend it, NOW


Angela Davis Heir to Slave Owners?


Apparently definitive ancestral research shows Angela Davis to be:

  • A descendant of a traveler on the Mayflower
  • A descendant of slave-owners

Nothing more vividly puts the lie to reparations nonsense than Angela Davis’ life story

  • She made a career railing against racial injustice in America…YET
  • Reparations arguments would require her to pay reparations for the sins of her ancestors

Why would that be fair to Angela Davis?

Why would that be fair to anyone who (1) never owned slaves, (2) always condemned slavery

ANSWER:  It wouldn’t be fair, in either case

Individual responsibility w/o individual culpability is inherently unjust

Reparations should be rejected