Why It Matters – The February 28th Show

Why It Matters – The February 28th Show

Tribute to the Brilliant Rich Higgins


Rich Higgins was one of America’s deepest, clear-thinking patriots

Higgins’ 2017 “The Memo” captured…

  • Islamism and theological conflict with America as founded
  • Cultural Marxism
  • Political warfare against Trump

long before anyone else

The Memo got him fired by HR McMaster

A courageous patriot fighter…Rich will be missed


Ukrainian Money-Laundering Bio-Weapon PSYOP

Questions Abound


  • ‘Wag the dog’ vibe suggests war is a useful distraction from America’s internal catastrophes brought on by Biden administration – open border, inflation, unraveling plandemic fraud
  • Ukraine well known as criminal, money-laundering center for elites/governments
  • US Deep State concocted Russia collusion hoax and impeachment #1 (involving Trump’s efforts to expose Biden family criminality in Ukraine)….and now are in support of ‘heroic’ Ukrainians?

Sons of Romney, Pelosi and Kerry also financially involved with Ukraine businesses…

  • George Soros takes visible public role extolling the virtues of Ukrainians

Soros NEVER, EVER supports anything that helps MAGA or helps America as founded

  • Denying Russia access to SWIFT—encourages Russia/China alliance, and jeopardizes $ as world’s reserve currency–exposing America’s house of cards financial condition?


Ukrainian Money-Laundering Bio-Weapon PSYOP

Questions Abound


  • Real-time reporting not available from MSM…‘news’ appears to be curated social media postings

But curated by whom?  With what agenda?

  • Many ‘viral’ stories of heroic Ukrainians turn out to be fabricated, photo-shopped

Ghost pilot, ‘sunflower seeds’—phony stories

  • Reports of multiple US-funded bio-weapons labs in Ukraine…all or almost all bombed by Putin

Belarus—most openly antagonistic to covid shutdowns—now pledging support of Russia

  • Radical left supports arming Ukrainian citizens…they NEVER support arming US citizens

They support a NWO, and oppose anyone who stands in the way




Don’t Bank on Trudeau


  • Trudeau revokes “Emergency Powers” power grab…banking system confiscations were driving a bank run against Canadian banks

The damage is ongoing, will not be undone, and may bring Trudeau down

  • When people see the arbitrary and potentially capricious exercise of power to take away the money of political opponents….NO ONE will trust the banking system again unless massive new protections are guaranteed


January 6th Assault on Civil Liberties Rolls On


January 6th defendant driven to suicide this past weekend

A 1/6 case goes to trial this week—over a defendant who did not even enter the Capitol

The American people see this 1/6 political persecution as the disgrace that it is

…but out of touch ruling class elites press on with it

Trust in government is understandably at all-time low, and going lower


CDC dropping almost all mask mandates


Just in time for Biden SOTU…all mask mandates dropped

Americans who are paying attention…now including SNL writers…KNOW:

There is no ‘science’ backing up anything the CDC is doing; it is ALL about politics

            …and it probably was all about politics from the very beginning

Americans are rightfully disgusted with the lack of integrity in the entire federal government