Why It Matters – The February 2nd Show

Why It Matters – The February 2nd Show

Judge Releases Antrim County Audit Report


Dallas-based Russ Ramsland’s report of Dominion Voting machines audit results:

A system ‘designed’ to create ‘systemic fraud’

  • These are very serious findings
  • Why were they withheld from public view for so long?
  • Why are they being released now?
  • Is there any substantive technology-based refutation of these findings?

REALITY:  Evidence of outcome-changing election fraud in 2020 is already overwhelming,

and is growing every week…EVERYONE paying attention knows 2020 election was stolen

Michigan judge apparently decided he didn’t want to be found to have suppressed this report…

is the tide turning on election fraud?


Pfizer Fights Vax Safety Data Release


Pfizer joins the FDA in asking a court to prevent disclosure of vaccine safety trial information for 55 years

after judge had ordered 55,000 documents to be released per month

This is unconscionable behavior by Pfizer and the FDA

Common sense shouts and screams ‘if the vaccine safety trials showed positive, reassuring results, Pfizer and FDA would WANT full and prompt disclosure and broad dissemination’

To seek to hide the information for 55 years is brazen, inexcusable

a virtual admission of serious concerns about trial safety data

…and for anyone paying attention…

‘Vaccine hesitancy’ is just common sense


Truckers Freedom Convoy Tearjerker


  • Canadian truck drive video about 11 year old girl’s note of encouragement…goes viral
  • Puts a real, human face on the reality and meaning of the Canadian convoy
  • For any “Prime Minister” to label truckers as racist, white nationalists, violent extremists…this isn’t political semantics…this is outrageous lying, and a slander of his own people
  • Remains to be seen if Trudeau will be able to remain in office if he persists in defaming Canadians and disparaging their yearning for freedom and individual rights
    • Can Trudeau really count on the loyalty of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police?
      • The RCMP may have more sympathy with the truckers than the PM…


LOCKDOWNS did not help


Epoch Times publishes detailed pandemic study concluding:  Lockdowns didn’t work

But lockdowns DID:

  • Destroy small businesses
  • Spurred depression, loneliness, drug addition and suicides
  • Caused immeasurable harm to children

Humanity itself must learn many things from the ‘pandemic’

  • Never trust one expert; get a second opinion (and a third and fourth)
  • Lockdowns do extraordinary harm…under what circumstances should they EVER be justified?

Why would anyone listen to Fauci at this point? 

‘Mass formation psychosis?’