Why It Matters – The February 3rd Show

Why It Matters – The February 3rd Show

Gov. DeSantis and Big Tech


Florida Governor demonstrating forceful leadership…noticeable breath of fresh air

Unafraid to call out Big Tech

Intruding on Floridians’ privacy

Deciding what people can and cannot know

Destroying Parler…because they can

Trump had 88 million Twitter followers – do they have any rights?

Hiding the story of Hunter Biden’s laptop…would they hide a story about DeSantis’ laptop?

  • Proposing fines for de-platforming candidates for elective office
  • Allow consumers to opt-out of content control algorithms
  • Empowering FLA AG to sue for unfair and deceptive trade practices

   DeSantis is joining Kristi Noem at the top of GOP 2024 Presidential candidates


Wrong Think Update


There are endless references to Orwell’s 1984…because his vision in 1948 is spot on in ‘21

The Ministry of Truth = Make govt propaganda into the only truth

Doublespeak, Newspeak, wrongthink – all ways of describing how Big Brother controlled what could be said, written or thought

Newsmax host talks over Mike Lindell…because Lindell speaks of issues that Big Brother has said cannot be spoken, written or thought

Patrick Byrne is a brilliant, in-the-room, eyewitness participant in WH election fraud discussions….but cannot be heard except via his own deepcapture.com website…because Byrne speaks of issues that Big Brother has said cannot be spoken, written or thought

    America’s Founders understood freedom of speech as critical to a free society

                                    Do Americans of 2021 understand it?


Impeachment “Legalities”


  • Dems are pressing the theory that Trump should be impeached because he is responsible for inciting riots by telling supporters the election was rigged
  • Dems thereby make the question of whether the election was rigged a material question of fact
  • In America’s judicial system, questions of fact are to be resolved by judge or jury after hearing witnesses and evidence
  • Do Dems really want Americans to hear what Patrick Byrne and Matthew Braynard have to say?

Dems want the question of election fraud to go away

     …their impeachment tactic may do the opposite