Why It Matters – The February 3rd Show

Why It Matters – The February 3rd Show

Bernie Built NYC Riots


Violence and property damage in NYC riots – over subway fares?

This is the product of Bernie Sanders’ philosophy writ large:

  • Every inconvenience of life – like the cost of things – is the fault of freedom/free markets
  • Every problem is ‘the man’ a/k/a the establishment, corporations, Wall Street
  • Everything would be free, and life would be simple and good, if government had all the power and ordered that it be so
  • The solution is not freedom, hard work, patience, persistence and American democracy

The solution is a revolution of the proletariat – This is Communism 101

Bernie Sanders is a threat to the American Republic


Dems’ Bernie Panic – Iowa, and More


Telltale signals that Bernie is opening up leads among the most eager of Dem voters

Des Moines Register pulls a poll?

DNC mulling re-jiggering of super-delegate rules?

Bloomberg throwing million$ to ‘buy’ controlling influence in Democrat Party?

Not a brokered convention for him, but for him to hand over to Hillary?

The DNC brain-trust not only does not believe Bernie Sanders can beat Trump

They believe a Bernie candidacy could lead to an epic landslide FOR Trump




Bernie’s Scary Communism


Bernie Sanders is not a garden variety liberal; he is a radical leftist; a communist

  • Honeymoon in the Soviet Union during the Cold War?

Honors the Potemkin Village image of the Soviet Union

Fights against Reagan’s deployment of missiles in Europe

  • Sides with the mullahs in Iranian takeover of US Embassy in 1979
  • In thrall with Chavez and Maduro in Venezuela, with Castro in Cuba
  • Has never held a private sector job in his entire life
  • Thinks of his philosophy as inciting and requiring revolution
  • Sanders v. Trump would be an election of stark choices
  • If well done by Trump—which is very likely—campaign would be hugely re-edifying
  • Generations of Americans might be newly forced to think about…

…freedom and its opposite


SOTU Sweet Spot – Working Families


SOTU to be given prior to impeachment acquittal –

Schumer’s payback re Clinton’s SOTU during impeachment?

Or RINO muzzle/protection?

SOTU previews say the focus is on addressing the needs of ‘working families’

a/k/a, the American middle class – which is thriving under President Trump

This is Trump’s VSG – ‘very stable genius’—instinct for political ‘winning’

Drawing the contrast, starkly and immediately, with Bernie and communism

Drawing votes away from traditional Dem constituencies

Schumer and McConnell are NOT outsmarting Trump

They still do not grasp his connection with the American people

            …which will grow after the SOTU