Why It Matters – The February 4th Show

Why It Matters – The February 4th Show

Double Standards and Plastic Knives


Sen. Chuck Schumer stood on the steps of SCOTUS and threatened the Supreme Court  “You will pay a price ..” (if they voted a certain way in a pending abortion case). His and other Senators angry rhetoric inspired a mob a year and a half earlier to oppose Kavanaugh. And they did…breach a police barricade,  & pelted the cars of Justices Ginsburg and Kagan…condemned by Laurence Tribe and CJ John Roberts. …but no official House or Senate condemnation

Terrorist James Hodgkinson pursued actual massacre of GOP reps—nearly killing Cong. Steve Scalise— over health care dissatisfaction directly fanned by rhetoric of Sen. Bernie Sanders but no official House or Senate condemnation

Leftists launch $1M+ billboard campaign against Ted Cruz for daring to question election results.  WHILE the GOP Refuses to Punish Liz Cheney for abandoning the President

America’s LEFT fights all day, every day, and the GOP needs to figure this out & stand up for its own


How to Stand Up


  • Activism must continue year-round, and not just in election seasons
  • The time to push on election integrity reforms is NOW, especially in red states where legislature controlled by GOP

Texas State Senator Bob Hall is developing a template for reform

  • The time to push for state government resistance to federal overreach is NOW
  • The time to pick new candidates to primary weak GOP officeholders is NOW


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