Why It Matters – The February 5th Show

Why It Matters – The February 5th Show


What do American voters hire a President to do?

Defend the country

    • Border security; refugee control; defeat ISIS; take out terrorists – Al-Baghdadi, Soleimani

Strengthen the economy – using the American ideal of free markets & entrepreneurship

    • Tax cuts; deregulation; fair trade deals; record employment for ALL Americans; energy independence; reduction in dependence on government

Tackle chronic problems with viable solutions

    • Criminal justice reform, VA reform, healthcare cost transparency, reduce prescription drug prices, school choice for ALL

President Trump has done the job – and Americans know it


Pelosi, Suffragettes – What Women Want?

Pelosi and the white-clad ‘suffragettes’

  • Won’t stand and applaud the lowest unemployment rate for women in 50 years
  • Won’t stand and applaud the lowest unemployment rate for minorities, ever
  • Won’t stand and applaud a young black girl receiving a scholarship for school choice
  • Won’t stand and applaud for enhanced research for pre-natal medical advances

These people do not speak for what American women want

They are simply leftists who stand only for a leftist takeover of America

Pelosi’s tear-up-the-speech stunt…

…may have assured a new House Speaker in 2021


Rush at SOTU

  • Rush Limbaugh’s career was and is uniquely and powerfully transformative
  • From 1988’s liberal MSM monopoly to today’s dispersed alternative/conservative media, nothing has had more impact than the Rush Limbaugh Program
  • Not a college graduate; not a ‘man of letters’; an ordinary American with extraordinary intuition and talent for understanding and articulating the American spirit with wit and goodwill, and applying it consistently and unflinchingly to decades of change

The Presidential Medal of Freedom was richly deserved

Awarding it on the spot at the SOTU was an inspired gesture –

               It CONNECTED with great HEART


Van Jones Rings the Alarm Bell

A SOTU address that includes:

  • Criminal justice reform
  • Renewed funding for historically black colleges
  • School choice for ALL
  • Honor for a 100 year old Tuskegee airman and his great-grandson
  • Honor for a recovered addict, now employed

RESONATES….and Van Jones knows it.

The “Trump is racist!” meme has never been true; it was/is MSM propaganda

               …it is dissolving, every day, and Dems are scared to death


Dems’ Rolling Iowa Disaster

  • The party of ‘more government is always the solution’ can’t run a small state’s primary
  • Two days after the vote, still no complete results
  • Even assuming nothing nefarious (doubtful), there is gross incompetence on display
  • Worst of all – for Dem voters, and Americans – the behavior reeks of disdain for voters. When they knew the app didn’t work, so they couldn’t count REAL votes.

What matters to the DNC is what the ‘party leaders’ want, not the stupid voters

Biden is on the ropes, and the whole Dem Party is very nervous

He was supposed to be their “sure thing to beat Trump’ candidate