Why It Matters – The February 6th Show

Why It Matters – The February 6th Show

Turkish Earthquake & WHY America’s Generosity


Major earthquake and aftershocks have hit Turkey

  • Death, injury and property damage at catastrophic levels

America is historically ALWAYS most generous with global assistance  – for ANY nation and peoples — Another reminder of the goodness of America…and need to preserve America

No other country has consistently lived out the Golden Rule…as Judeo-Christian America has

  • Natural disasters happen worldwide…and the affected countries look 1st to America for help

America’s humanitarian care and generosity should be a source of pride to all Americans

Rich tradition and history of assistance should be taught to American children

…not leftist’ divisiveness and hatred of America


China’s Balloon & Biden’s Corruption


ACWT’s friend Gordon Chang has been clear and outspoken

  • CCP is preparing for war against the USA; the balloon was not about meteorology
  • Biden appears to be a ‘controlled asset’ of China, as former CIA operative Sam Faddis claims

oHunter Biden laptop was never ‘Russian disinformation’

oInfo on the Hunter laptop documents massive Biden family corruption/blackmail potential

  • CCP understands Biden’s history of weakness in defending America

Leftists’ efforts to claim similar balloons passed over America during Trump’s term?

  • Deflection from Biden’s fecklessness. No proof so far &Trump says he never was told of that.
  • GOP Rep Mike Waltz says possible Pentagon knew and didn’t tell Trump for fear of his reaction. Sounds like BIG breach in the military chain of command

Stolen elections have profound consequences

Reversing these consequences an unprecedented challenge to America

Americans must answer the call


Ilhan: Committee Removal Justified?


Ilhan Omar is anti-Semitic…openly and proudly

Omar dismissed 9/11 as ‘some people did something’

  • Omar enjoys the right to free speech, so can say these things
  • Omar can run for office if constitutionally eligible, BUT
  • Omar has no place participating in the House Foreign Affairs Committee

Omar’s case is a teachable moment for American freedom-loving patriots

  • There is a need to get tough in asserting American national/constitutional heritage/identity
  • America embraces the idea of women and people of color in elected office, BUT

America does not hate Jews or Israel, and will not honor or promote those who do

America’s founding ideas are good and right

America’s Judeo-Christian heritage is good and honorable

It’s time to stand up and say so, without apology


GOP Committees – Get Moving Now!


If peaceful adjustment to America’s mess is to be possible…

House Committees MUST activate…immediately and comprehensively

  • Twitter has revealed the largest censorship system in US history
  • Biden family corruption is deep and obvious and extremely dangerous to all Americans
  • Weaponization of DOJ/FBI/intelligence agencies is profoundly anti-American
  • Pandemic ‘crimes against humanity’ are becoming undeniable
  • Southern border remains dangerously open by reason of govt malfeasance
  • China IS our TOP enemy, and we must OPENLY act like we know that

These and many other problems

  • MUST receive the disinfectant of sunlight and transparency
  • MUST be marked by changes in govt attitudes
  • MUST be followed by accountability