Why It Matters – The February 6th Show

Why It Matters – The February 6th Show

Judging Romney on Impeachment

Take Mitt at his word: a man of conscience, a man of religious faith; and even put aside the stench of Schiff/whistleblower plotting behind the whole Ukraine story–

Romney’s vote for impeachment was the Ruling Class exemplified. Ignorant, naïve, malicious.

Trump’s attorneys provided no evidence that the Bidens committed crimes with Burisma

Americans with common sense look at Joe Biden’s video, and Hunter Biden’s $83K/month with no qualifications, and smell corruption that ought to be investigated….and that’s what Trump said.

Trump’s impeachment lawyers didn’t provide evidence of crimes because there was no investigation- because Ukraine dropped it in response to Biden’s threat!!!

Mitt’s world: Biden is a longstanding, approved member of the ruling class; we must presume he is honorable; Trump is not a member; he must be removed

There is nothing honorable about Mitt Romney’s vote for impeachment


Trump, Impeachment, Prayer Breakfast

Trump is right: there may come a time for forgiveness, but it’s not yet because there has been no acknowledgment of wrongdoing and no remorse

  • The Russia Collusion coup attempt was perpetrated by the highest level occupants of the White House, DOJ, FBI, CIA and numerous media outlets…a few firings, demotions, and early retirements ARE NOT REMOTELY CLOSE TO THE ACCOUNTABILITY NEEDED
  • The Ukraine impeachment reeks of a plotted coup attempt – involving Adam Schiff and members of America’s National Security Council, and there has been NO accountability



Gordon Chang, China, Coronavirus

The silver lining, if there is one to the coronavirus, may be a worldwide re-education and re-awakening as to the nature of a totalitarian communist regime…and the need to be wary of it

  • The people are deeply subservient to the rulers
  • Human life on the level of ‘the masses’ is cheap (A banquet ‘record’ in the middle of a viral outbreak?)
  • Preserving the power and reputation of the rulers is paramount
  • Lying about destruction and death is ok, and even mandatory when truth is damaging
  • China does not have the coronavirus under control; creating a pandemic?
  • The Chinese people are getting restless and frustrated
  • Xi Jinping vulnerable?