Why It Matters – The February 7th Show

Why It Matters – The February 7th Show

‘Conspiracy Theory’ = a Tool of Censorship


“Conspiracy Theory!” entered the American lexicon as the Warren Commission tried to fight off widespread public distrust of its conclusion that Oswald was the lone assassin of JFK

  • Appears to have been a purposeful effort by the federal govt (CIA?)
  • Created a tool by which to mock those who doubt official stories/explanations

Running out of gas as a tool of mockery…too many ‘conspiracy theories’ coming true

  • Russia collusion story a definitive hoax
  • Lab-leak origin of covid-19
  • “Agency capture” of FDA/CDC/WHO by Big Pharma
  • Weaponization of DOJ and FBI (Twitter files)
  • Hunter Biden laptop fully authenticated; NOT Russian disinformation

Govt corruption, dishonesty and deceit

more exposed and widespread than ever – Not a theory


Trendy Satanism as a Tool of Censorship


Grammy’s ‘performance’ by ‘artist’ Sam Smith is in-your-face Satanism

  • Recent Super Bowl halftime shows display similar imagery
  • Hollywood unapologetic…yet bleeding viewers and ratings

Communism/Marxism has ALWAYS sought removal of Christianity from America

  • Faith has bolstered and enhanced love of freedom
  • Faith is at the center of family and morality and stability
  • Destroy faith è destroy America

Rise in Satan-worship is not organic; the visibility being given to it is not accidental

this is part of the all-out war on America by communists/leftists/CCP

Satanism is dark, destructive and hopeless

depression and angst follow in its wake

Reject it; resist it; truth is still true