Why It Matters – The February 7th Show

Why It Matters – The February 7th Show

RNC Censures Cheney & Kinzinger: They Don’t Care


The January 6th committee was formed in July 2021, and it took the RNC until this week, February of 2022, to censure the two GOP members, Cheney & Kinzinger, for joining!

RNC ruling class realized the GOP base is not on board with the Jan 6th  committee

January 6th Committee (which includes Cheney and Kinzinger) behavior—

  • Subpoenas far exceed normal Congressional oversight
  • Criminalizing an unarmed protest as if it were an ‘insurrection’ or equivalent to 9/11
  • Ignoring or covering up evidence of FBI possible involvement AND Pelosi’s failures that day
  • Kneecapping Trump from any political future

—is enraging the GOP base but hasn’t bothered the RNC ruling class

Disconnect between the GOP base and the RNC ruling class

grew too large for the RNC to ignore, but it is not fixed


Truckers: Freedom Fighters


There are NOT two morally equivalent sides to this protest; the only ‘emergency’ is the destruction of freedom created by totalitarian covid response

Trudeau regime/Ottawa police are lying, and everyone sees it…Truckers are NOT

  • Extremists
  • White nationalists
  • Homophobes
  • Violent
  • A fringe minority

Polish immigrants poignant support of truckers: ESCAPED communism and aren’t going back

Truckers are uniting around the world

Perfect group to represent ordinary people who love freedom

And the ruling class can’t function w/o what truckers deliver


Mask Extremist Mouths Off


Insanity of 2022—

New Virginia GOP Governor Glenn Youngkin goes to grocery store to announce elimination

of sales tax on foods

…clearly a tax that hurts the poor the most

…a left-wing militant—who should be on the side of the poor—yells instead about masks

Fear pandemic and totalitarian response has created frightened crazies all over the country

  • This did not have to happen to the American people
  • But the evidence keeps growing: it was planned and intended…stay tuned


Pence Presidential Panic


  • The RNC is a private club run by big donors and incumbents
  • RNC is NOT run, and is barely even influenced, by the base that is the American people
  • Mike Pence’s recent resurfacing in public…

…at a scripted Federalist Society event

…to defend Pence’s January 6 decision

…and denounce Trump for criticizing Pence

…followed by RNC ruling class saluting Pence

…is all designed to rehabilitate Pence as a Presidential candidate as the ‘safe’ statesman who was a backstop against the unacceptable, non-club member Donald Trump

Mike Pence has no chance to ever be elected to national office again

Too many fingerprints on ‘oust Trump’ efforts (firing Mike Flynn)

Continued silence re election fraud evidence is inexcusable