Why It Matters – The February 8th Show

Why It Matters – The February 8th Show

Trudeau & Truckers: Canadian Impasse


A uniquely important, consequential impasse

  • Not about money, and not solvable by money
  • It’s about freedom
  • It is the Canadian government that is extreme and intransigent

Countries and states all over the world are lifting covid restrictions; data shows vaccines are ineffective in stopping spread…there is no medical, evidentiary support for vaccine mandates…purely a political power play by Trudeau

Freedom-loving people throughout the world stand in solidarity with Canadian truckers

Freedom must win in Canada, and everywhere


Propagandizing Kindergarteners


Masked kindergarteners in high-end private school forced to  chant ‘black lives matter’

  • This is how American society is lost…
  • Five year olds…are they told BLM is socialist and Marxist—and anti-American?

Of course not; they wouldn’t understand even if they were told

  • Are they told BLM is under nationwide scrutiny for egregious fraud in the use of donations?
  • What does a 5 year old believe about ‘other’ lives if taught only that black lives matter?

Plato, the founder of the first institution of higher learning in the Western World

2400 years ago: the major precepts of the culture are decided by

  • who teaches the children? and
  • what do we teach them? 

And politics is downstream from culture

Americans MUST Protect kids from propaganda in schools


GoFundMe, Spotify & Truth on Censoring


  • GoFundMe turns away funding for Canadian truckers…but accepts funding for freeing felons, bailing out rioters and arsonists…whoever is in support of left-wing causes
  • Spotify turns away Joe Rogan after mob-initiated cancel effort over inappropriate language…but takes no action against rappers and others with far worse language
  • America’s pre-eminent value: Freedom of Speech

Not censorship or ‘viewpoint discrimination’

The right free market response is to require full and fair disclosure as to what companies value and who they censor or refuse service to…and then intelligent, informed Americans should refuse to patronize businesses who do not share American values