Why It Matters – The February 8th Show

Why It Matters – The February 8th Show

Brady’s Bravery and Trump-Shunning


Tom Brady’s friendship with Donald Trump—dating back to 2002, 13 years before Trump entered politics—made Brady into a target of leftwing media in lead up to Super Bowl

Brady shrugged it off, wouldn’t be baited; a friend is a friend

The national MSM/leftwing frenzy is to mock, shun, denounce and rage against anyone who ever claimed to support Trump in any way AND to brand them as racist

Brady delivered at the Super Bowl, and his teammates—of every skin color—embraced him for it…the “Tom Brady is a racist” accusation is disgusting and false

The manufactured rage against Trump is actually rage against the American people standing up to the ruling class…that is what the ruling class fears…and Trump is the useful whipping boy to silence the 75M Americans who voted for Trump


Impeachment and Speech Crimes


Antifa in Washington DC this past weekend, threatening restaurant patrons and chanting ‘burn it down

Same chant throughout summer of 2020

Dem argues ‘a riot is the language of the unheard’…sparking St. Louis prison riot?

Are these the words of ‘domestic terrorists’?

Jake Tapper of CNN wants anyone who questions election results to be ‘held accountable

Americans are receiving a real-time re-education on freedom of speech as the foundational protection against tyrannical government making crimes out of whoever disagrees with them…will enough Americans learn soon enough?


Alliance of Free States


Trevor Loudon’s concept for America’s survival—

NOT about secession

NOT about law-breaking

IS about law-affirming – Tenth Amendment rights of states

Remember:  17 states joined Texas’ lawsuit at SCOTUS challenging state election law irregularities

IS about organized resistance to unconstitutional federal overreach

‘Federalizing’ election law is squarely unconstitutional absent actual amendment to the Constitution – oppose HR 1

Opening borders goes against state level security…tell governors of border states to enforce with state resources