Why It Matters – The February 9th Show

Why It Matters – The February 9th Show

Remote Learning Causes Car-Jackings: Who Knew?


Mayor of Chicago…that’s right, the leftist Mayor of Chicago:

  • Blames rise in car-jacking and other crime on remote learning
  • Kids are bored…so they go car-jacking and committing crime

This is the upside-down nature of the leftist worldview…

…the complete loss of moral teaching and moral order; the soulless view of mankind

  • Millions of American children have been bored from time to time

They did not go out and commit violent crime to address boredom

  • Millions of Americans have been poor

They worked to get out of poverty; they did not steal

The American people in Chicago and everywhere MUST

demand leadership grounded in America’s Judeo-Christian values


Mask-less Lefties and Their Excuses


  • Nancy Pelosi at a fund-raiser
  • Stacey Abrams in a room full of kindergartners
  • Hollywood celebs when they think no one is watching

They don’t really fear covid, and they don’t buy the mask hype

  • CDC keeps shifting the ‘science’

Now masks don’t’ matter

Covid no more dangerous than the flu to young people and children

No medical science has changed…as DeSantis says—’political science’ has changed

The American people are ending the pandemic…

CDC just trying to make it appear that ending it was their idea…


Capitol Police Spying on Members of Congress?


  • Capitol police disguised as construction workers inspect/surveil a GOP Cong.’s office
  • Louis Gohmert reports on DOJ opening constituent mail addressed to Gohmert

Both actions brazenly illegal

These are actions of a completely amoral, banana republic, 4th world dictatorship

Americans over a certain age and/or w/a basic understanding of history and civics KNOW:

  • This is lawlessness on a scale never seen in America
  • It CANNOT be tolerated by the American People
  • The Uniparty ruling class will NOT stop it; only “We the People” can stop it

Stand up!  Speak up!  Do not obey tyrants…do not submit to Dictatorship

Freedom is rare; America is exceptional

The American people must rise to defend their heritage