Why It Matters – The February 9th Show

Why It Matters – The February 9th Show

Impeachment JUST the Beginning


There is NO WAY the second impeachment would be proceeding if the ‘Uniparty’ ruling class had any respect whatsoever for the 75M Americans who voted for President Trump

The January 6th “Trump caused riots” justification is not holding up

Meadows confirms Trump urged 10K troops be deployed prior to Jan. 6

Numerous onsite videos raise serious questions about pre-planning of Jan. 6

Also questions about ‘provocateurs’

Capitol Police Chief confirms intelligence warnings ahead of Jan. 6, but

officials refused his requests for military help


Impeachment JUST the Beginning


The latest NYT spin is all about the “Trumpian style”, which ascribes ‘dog whistles’ and other coded messages to almost any tweet or other statement made by Trump or his supporters—such as ‘fight for your country’ or ‘be a warrior’ for America

  • Liz Cheney is championing this spin…supports investigation of everything Trump ever said that, in effect, opposed the MSM narrative of ‘no evidence of fraud’ in the 2020 election
  • Liz Cheney was recently re-elected to GOP House leadership…by the “GOPe”

The 2nd impeachment is all about sending a message to Americans who supported

the Trump agenda…don’t ever challenge the ruling elites

AND don’t think that the trump agenda has any future in America

America was founded in defiance of a similar warning

From King George and the Ruling monarchy


“Show me your (covid) papers”


DOT Secretary Buttigieg well on the way to requiring proof of vaccination as a condition to interstate travel…’will make all travelers feel safer’

  • Many Americans will shrug this off as necessary under the circumstances

…but is there a slippery slope?

  • Will Americans continue to shrug it off for the next virus and vaccine?

who decides?

  • Rumors of ‘climate change lockdowns’ – mileage limitations for fossil-fueled cars; controls on AC usage….will Americans shrug those off, too?

  America was founded on the idea of individual freedom and responsibility

Govt. control of health/travel & climate necessarily erodes individual freedom

                        Will Americans give up their freedom ‘because experts say…’