Why It Matters – The January 10th Show

Why It Matters – The January 10th Show

Diamond Mourned, Damar is Healing


Diamond (of Diamond & Silk) dead at age 51

  • Inspiring voice of a black woman who saw Trump differently than the leftwing portrayal
  • Diamond & Silk podcast a very popular, counter-culture spark of conservative values

Damar Hamlin released from the hospital to continue recovery at home

  • Buffalo Bills safety suffered cardiac arrest and collapsed on the field on MNF January 2
  • No pulse on the field, restored by CPR from Bills’ training staff
  • Prompted a global call for prayer and support
  • Hamlin recovery truly remarkable, inspiring and even unifying around power of prayer and faith

Enormous elephant in the room with Diamond and Damar:

Do covid vaccines have anything to do with Diamond’s death and Damar’s cardiac arrest?

Gottlieb/Twitter Censorship will NOT put down the elephant in the room

2023 a year of expanding truth about covid and vaccines?


McCarthy Deal Stirring up DC


New GOP majority and Speakership taking action

  • Vote to defund 87,000 IRS agents is merely symbolic ($$$ already appropriated by previous Congress) but will resonate with most Americans…and may pressure Biden to respond
  • Removing Schiff, Swallwell and Omar from committee assignments was long overdue but still took more fortitude than recent GOP leaders seemed capable of

Way too early to judge whether GOP House is capable of standing up the massive change of course needed to truly save America (See VDH:  Ten Steps to Save America), but a good start

The hold up of the Speaker ‘coronation’ was not foolish or impotent…

It was a solid portion of the people’s reps insisting on a transparent and trustworthy legislature

Congrats to all 20!


Biden Border Photo-Opp


Biden border visit truly duplicitous, even enraging…a photo-op façade

  • El Paso streets swept clear of migrant encampments prior to Biden visit

oA true Potemkin Village in America in 2023

  • Data on border-crossers, ‘got aways’ are staggeringly high…but Biden admin is changing nothing
  • Biden visit roughly coincident with discovery of huge cross-border smuggling tunnel

oLarge enough to transport dirty bombs/nuclear weapons?

  • Rampant cartel-financed human trafficking continues unabated
  • ‘Enforcers’ inside USA carrying out executions as needed to continue trafficking

Willful neglect of border security is impeachable

Constitution guarantees federal govt action to protect states from invasion

GOP House ready to act against Mayorkas and Biden?


Biden VP Classified & Unsecured Documents Found


Classified docs from VP term found at DC office of the ‘Penn Biden Center’

  • Discovered prior to mid-terms, but news held until yesterday

If Trump/Mar-A-Lago raid is the legal standard for policing classified documents…

Biden’s facts are dramatically more culpable than Trump

  • Biden as VP had no authority to declassify docs or to keep them in unsecured personal offices

Entire USA was whipped into weeks-long frenzy over Trump’s handling of similar docs…

so if zero is done in relation to Biden incident…

…the double standards of justice may stun even the most asleep of Americans

Entire episode—from Trump/Mar-A-Lago to discovery of Biden VP docs—

reeks of inauthenticity…feels like maneuvering and narrative-engineering…

Who is behind this?