Why It Matters – The January 11th Show

Why It Matters – The January 11th Show

Project Veritas Exposes Fauci


Project Veritas released video describing DoD documents which implicate Dr. Anthony Fauci:

  • Appear to show Fauci went ahead with ‘gain of function’ research in Wuhan despite DoD view as too dangerous and violated US moratorium
  • Appear to show Fauci and many others knew since April 2020 HCQ and ivermectin were ‘curative’ for covid, yet denounced and blocked them from general patient availability

Add Dr. Ardis’ interview on ACWT (1/6):  specified Dr. Fauci’s actions in propping up Remdesivir

(to exclusion of all other therapies) despite studies demonstrating very HIGH mortality with the drug

If PV video expose is authentic, a case is building that suggests:

  • Fauci lied about lab leak likelihood
  • Fauci lied about safety and efficacy of Remdesivir
  • Fauci lied about and suppressed info re efficacy of HCQ and ivermectin…since April 2020

…and thousands died as a result of dangerous treatment or no treatment in reliance on Fauci

…this is criminal behavior


CDC Coming Cleaner on Covid


Official CDC position NOW:  Vaccines don’t do much, and covid wasn’t as serious as feared

  • Vaccines do NOT prevent catching or transmitting covid
  • 75% of covid deaths involved patients with at least FOUR co-morbidities—i.e., very sick people
  • Data separating deaths ‘from covid’ vs. ‘with covid’ to be released soon by CDC

(this distinction was not acknowledged by CDC for nearly two years; early, exclusive CDC focus on any and all ‘covid’ deaths led to massive unjustified fear)

Two things can be true at the same time:

  • Covid disease afflicted thousands with serious illness and even death—and each instance is sad and regrettable…AND
  • Fauci’s dishonest actions made a difficult situation horribly worse, and created clearly foreseeable dangers, including death, from promoting Remdesivir and blocking HCQ and ivermectin