Why It Matters – The January 11th Show

Why It Matters – The January 11th Show

Tom Hanks Cast Away & Biden’s Gas Stove Ban


Biden admin proposed ban of gas stoves…approaching peak climate change idiocy

  • AOC claims link of gas stove/CO2 exposure to ‘cognitive impairment’/brain damage??!!??!!

Inexpensive utility and positive aid to productivity and living standards—estimated 40% of

US households use gas stoves—to be banned in the future because of CC hysteria?

  • Proposal apparently based on a single ‘study’ by activist group

Americans MUST wake up

  • Climate change fanaticism seeks total control over human life; shutdown of energy solutions
  • Recognize CCP role in pushing climate change hysteria on America:

SEC skewing comments on proposed CO2 disclosure rules:  80% of comments supporting CO2 phobia are from foreign actors, including China

Climate change hysteria built on CO2 delusions…but check out detailed work of MIT’s Professor Emeritus Richard Lindzen:  zero ‘climate risk’ from CO2 levels


GOP Select Committee on Weaponization of Federal Government


Another gem made possible by the 20 House rebels who won concessions from Uniparty/McCarthy

Select Committee has very high potential for positive reform of US govt

Jim Jordan is the right Chairman to lead the effort to STOP the assault on Bill of Rights

  • Parents at school boards are ‘domestic terrorists’?
  • FBI paid Twitter $3M to censor Americans’ opposed to Dem policies?
  • Disinformation Governance Board to regulate Americans’ speech?
  • Americans banned going to church during covid?
  • Pro-life activists subject to show arrests…but protestors in the faces of SCOTUS justices ok?

Deep State/Uniparty opposition to Americans’ inalienable rights is and will be fierce

Dirty tricks, blackmail, threats…likely to be used to silence Jordan and Committee

Americans must rally to support this Committee

It represents a peaceful path to restoring America


Biden’s Immigration Agenda


Biden proposes to aid the ‘great migration’…b/c we can’t ‘wall off’ America

…while he builds wall around his Rehoboth, Delaware residence

Southern border political charade is infuriating Americans

  • Millions can see what is happening…nothing about border crossings is orderly, rare or safe

oAn orchestrated invasion with a political agenda NEVER CONSENTED TO BY AMERICANS

  • Criminality—in drug trade and human trafficking—is running amok…and EVERYONE knows it
  • ‘Photo-op’ visit by Biden—accompanied by Potemkin Village creation at El Paso—throws gas on the fire of populist frustration

These are among the corrosive effects of a stolen 2020 election and ‘elite capture’ by the CCP and other leftists of the entire apparatus of the US federal govt, US media and Hollywood


Brazil’s Bolsonaro


Brazilians are storming their capital buildings

  • Brazilians KNOW their Presidential election was rigged
  • Brazilian military KNOWS the Presidential election was rigged

Election rigging has gone too far; conditioning by polls for ‘plausible’ results not working

People see with their own eyes the masses who supported Bolsonaro v. little support of Lula

  • Same with Trump and Biden in 2020
  • Same with Hobbs and Lake in Arizona

Proof of US rigging is now abundant and irrefutable—see the data of Dr. Douglas Frank—and the American people are digesting this reality and the scale of corruption it represents

Humanity will not forever accept govt by transparent dishonesty

i.e., Humanity will not consent to live under lies


TEXAS Election Activists Leading the Way


‘Texas First’ pushing for election transparency…doing everything peacefully/the right way

  • Gathered and organized relevant public data from recent elections
  • Obtained thousands of affidavits from individual Texans, attesting to election irregularities
  • Drafted proposed remedial legislation for 2023 session
  • Prepared thoroughly organized presentation in Austin…to every officeholder
  • Conducting prayer rally to accompany the effort

Texas First effort is a measure of populist Texan discontent with rigged elections

Texas legislators would be foolish to fail to grasp the level of discontent…and the proof of rigging

What if…transparent, honest Texas election results…

  • Would have forced Abbott into a GOP primary runoff against a true conservative Texan?
  • Delivered a very large conservative majority in Texas House and Senate—i.e. reflected RED Texas?

Would Dade Phelan be so confident in defying the will of Texans?

This is why transparent honest elections are worth fighting for