America is in a dangerous, dangerous place; repression of speech is out of control. Parler ought to be given civil rights-type protection--discrimination against opposing political viewpoints ought to be banned, just as discrimination on the basis or race or gender was rightly banned. Impeachment again? Reparations? Pelosi is overplaying her hand; she either doesn't know the American people or doesn't care.

Why It Matters – The January 11th Show

Why It Matters – The January 11th Show

American Repression Begins


Capitol Hill rioting exploited as pretext for massive leftist attacks and retaliation

  • Proposed impeachment of Trump over actions of a mob
  • Proposed expulsion of House members who voted to contest electors
  • Simon & Schuster cancels Josh Hawley’s book (which is about corporate fascism…)
  • Google and Amazon combine to take down Parler

Americans are sensing a dangerous, dangerous turn toward totalitarian rule…toward government by edict combined with absolute silencing of opposition (ala Iran, NKs)

There is no possibility whatsoever that a majority of the American people support this turn toward totalitarianism…

Schumer and Pelosi need to wake up and dial it down


Parler Can Be Resurrected


  • Existing civil rights laws require ‘public accommodations’ to stop illegal discrimination
  • No one thinks a private restaurant can legally refuse service on the basis of race or gender

Ban on discrimination must include ban on ‘viewpoint’ discrimination

No one can be refused service for their political views

…or else the First Amendment is gone

  • Twitter, YouTube and Facebook are not govt institutions, but they can be thought of as modern ‘public communications accommodations’ with near monopoly power

Civil rights laws & antitrust laws must be amended then enforced to stop the censorship

Freedom of thought is fundamental to freedom in life

Viewpoint discrimination MUST be legally protected


Impeachment is Unrelated to Riots


  • Trump’s words to his January 6 supporters are on video: “peacefully protest”
  • Even a liberal poll shows: 55% of Americans blame the mob, not Trump, for Capitol Hill
  • Anyone—whether Trump supporter or antifa member or corrupt cop—who committed violence against persons or property must be prosecuted and punished
  • Americans saw:
    • Elected officials watch a 2020 summer filled with riots that were honored, encouraged and rationalized when favorable to an anti-Trump narrative…and then were the subject of outrage when riots were unfavorable to Trump. Americans SEE the hypocrisy
    • A succession of institutions saying that nothing can be done about a stolen election


Suppression will never be a solution

Impeachment cannot possibly be a unifier


Where the Left is Headed


Already on the table from Biden:

  • More economic stimulus
  • Immigration u-turn
  • Reparations for slavery
  • The only argument Pravda has ever had for Biden’s election ‘win’ was that ‘hate Trump’ was a bigger and more powerful movement than anyone understood
  • NO ONE has made the argument that 80 million Americans voted for what is now emerging as Biden’s agenda

This is a dangerous political disconnect

and neither propaganda nor censorship will reconnect it