Why It Matters – The January 12th Show

Why It Matters – The January 12th Show

Jan 6 Committee & Ray Epps & Gov Whitmer


Beltway politicians have no idea how much ‘trust in the institutions’ has been destroyed

  • Americans KNOW the Russia collusion hoax was ginned up by the fed. Govt + Clintons
  • Cruz/Sandborn exchange…”I can’t answer that question” does NOT go unnoticed
  • J6 Comm denial of Ray Epps as FBI informant does NOT ring true
    • When did they interview him?
    • Where is the transcript of the interview?
    • If what Epps said and did ON VIDEO on Jan. 5th and 6th is not chargeable, Trump’s words encouraging ‘peaceful protest’ can’t possibly be actionable
  • Disappearance of “Whitmer Kidnap!” from headlines: evidence shows it was a fed setup

Loss of trust can never be repaired by more lies

Until there is a watershed moment that reaffirms truth-telling as a real virtue…

Mistrust of the ruling class and their media will only grow


Debbie Dishes – Filibuster Fight


Filibuster rule effectively requires 60 votes to get a vote to the Senate floor

            Not in Constitution, but is designed to temper power grabs by a narrow majority

McConnell warns DEMS of ‘sauce for the goose/sauce for the gander’…GOP control in ‘22?

LARGER REALITY:  the filibuster rule protects ‘moderates’ of both parties from having to publicly cast votes on matters where they disagree with their party’s base


DEM moderates don’t want to vote “for” federalizing elections, so they rely on GOP use of filibuster to blame GOP for no vote being allowed, while hiding their own opposition

GOP moderates may not want to vote “for” aggressive bans on abortion, so they rely on DEM use of filibuster to blame DEMS for no vote being allowed, while hiding their own opposition

Despite Schumer’s grandstanding, filibuster rule is likely to stay intact


Covid Contradictions Compound


  • Vaccines do NOT prevent catching or transmitting covid…now confirmed by CDC
  • CDC now says 75% of deaths involved patients with at least FOUR co-morbidities
    • What is the % of deaths with NO co-morbidities? CDC should tell America
  • Stanford Doctor’s study shows covid recovery rate for < age 20: 9987%   !!!
    • Why on earth would ANY govt mandate vaccination for those < age 20???
  • VAERS data continues to show unprecedented deaths and adverse effects from vaccines

YET…Biden admin continues with mandates, is setting up vaccine database…Quebec intends to tax the unvaccinated…Australia has mandated boosters

The informed are waking up…govt lockdowns and mandates make no medical sense

The world needs the American People to lead the way

To stand up for freedom!