Why It Matters – The January 13th Show

Why It Matters – The January 13th Show

The 25th, Impeachment and Timeline Truth


  • VP Pence shut down misuse of 25th Amendment…supposed to be for ‘incapacity’

Pelosi’s House symbolically approved it anyway

  • Impeachment debate now underway for ‘inciting insurrection’

…against a man who just received 75 million votes

  • Timeline of Capitol Hill riots

Trump spoke until 1:11 pm; Capitol is 45 minutes away from rally on foot => 1:56 pm

WaPo says ‘first wave’ of protestors arrived at Capitol at 12:40 pm…

            …breached perimeter in 15 mins…all of which is before Trump finished his speech

Timeline does NOT prove there were no ‘guilty’ Trump supporters at the Capitol

           But it does show how little factual analysis is behind the impeachment

                Impeachment about using the riots to bury Trump once and for all


Alinsky & Target Trump


Saul Alinsky wanted communism to take over America

Alinsky’s Rule #13 – pick at target, freeze it, personalize it, polarize it

Ridicule is the most potent weapon against opponents

Misappropriate words to disguise objectives

“Fairness”; “Social Justice”; “Common Welfare”

The ends justify the means

‘Scorched earth’…search and destroy…whatever it takes

Will this be the governing ethos of the new Administration?

            Trump, Trump Jr., Giuliani to be arrested?

            Inauguration to call for unity?


Pompeo Speaks About American Freedom


Secretary of State Mike Pompeo still speaking and standing strongly for America

  • Reversed “Voice of America” slide toward anti-Americanism
  • “No moral equivalence” between USA and Communist China

Millions of ‘hate-Trump’ Biden voters have no idea how radical the left’s agenda is

Pompeo’s replacement will reverse virtually every stance Pompeo has taken

Will any Biden voters have ‘voter’s remorse’?

Pompeo likely positioning to run for President in 2024

Without election integrity, will it matter?