Why It Matters – The January 13th Show

Why It Matters – The January 13th Show

Leftists Side with America’s Enemies


America’s founding ideal of individual freedom is grounded in belief in a Creator; in unalienable rights from that Creator…America is inherently God-centered, NOT godless

America’s defense of herself has always been anchored in a Biblical grasp of good and evil—the need to embrace good and fight evil

In contrast…

Ø Leftism is inherently (and proudly) godless

Ø Godlessness denies a difference between good and evil…Therefore

Ø Leftists cannot discern between good and evil

RESULT:  Leftists almost always side with America’s enemies; they do not know what aligns with good and freedom v. evil and oppression

Leftists do NOT understand the evil of Iran’s tyrannical mullahs


Leftists vs. Patriots on Iran


        Iranians are protesting their own regime, NOT America

        Iranian protesters refusing to stomp on the American flag

        Trump’s tweets in Farsi are the most ‘liked’ in the history of Iranian twitter

Yet Pelosi and other Dems CANNOT bring themselves to admit that

Ø Trump acted rightly in the interests of America

Ø The Iranian people despise their regime but lack power to remove it

Ø Trump’s action to eliminate Soleimani was a good thing

            for the people of Iran,

                        for America and

                                    for the world


Saying ‘No’ to More Refugees


Americans must be alert (Texas Gov. got it right; Tennessee Gov. got it wrong): 

Ø Refugee policy debates are not about compassion

Ø Must not be allowed to be virtue-signaling contests

Ø Must not be VOLOG-feeding-at-the-govt-trough exercises

The left has a strident anti-American agenda behind its refugee resettlement causes:

Ø To overwhelm the US social safety net system, dilute and ultimately abandon the idea of citizenship, and build govt dependent class


America needs a pause in refugee acceptance

Assimilation must be given time for cultural clarity and stability

Refugees must be screened relative to desire to embrace America’s ideals and assimilate