Why It Matters – The January 14th Show

Why It Matters – The January 14th Show

Project Veritas Blows Bernie’s Cover


Campaign field organizers are the ‘true believers’; they are the bedrock energy for a candidate’s support

Project Veritas captured a Bernie Sanders’ field organizer:

Ø Trump supporters to be sent to re-education camps

Ø Soviet gulags weren’t so bad, so re-education camps not so bad

Ø American business executives deserve the gulag experience

Ø If Bernie doesn’t win the Dem nomination at Milwaukee convention, “Milwaukee will burn” & police will be attacked

This is the mindset of those who embrace Leftism and Socialism:  Tyrannical control

Americans MUST realize and reject this, overwhelmingly


Clarence Thomas Film Coming Soon


The life story and triumphs (and challenges) of Clarence Thomas validate American ideals

            That is why the left reviles Thomas and does NOT want his story told

Clarence Thomas is a powerful intellect; a man of great decency and good humor

Grew up in poverty

Has known the evils of racism…and has overcome them

Lifted by his faith to stay committed to hard work, and to what is good and right

Thomas is the American Dream personified; he is a role model for all


Go see the Clarence Thomas documentary film, and invite your friends to join you


Dems Protest Wisconsin Cleanup of Voter Rolls


Documented errors in voting rolls included dead people, and people who had moved away

…In the range of 200,000 voters who should be removed/made ineligible

Democrats in Wisconsin are opposing this clean up of voter rolls

Ø Will discourage minority voters from registering ???

Ø Will cause loss of trust in elections ???

There is NO legitimate reason to oppose the clean up of inaccurate voter rolls

Ø It is massively insulting to minorities to claim they can’t handle voter registration processes

Ø It’s an admission by Leftists that they just may need that Cemetery Vote