Why It Matters – The January 15th Show

Why It Matters – The January 15th Show

Dem Debate Doozies

Van Jones:  No candidate in Democrat debate could “take Donald Trump out”

Babylon Bee spoofs cut to the chase:

Ø Dem candidates and agenda are unserious; just ‘free stuff’ paid for by the evil rich

Ø Race-obsessed agenda…but all white candidates

Lack of real enthusiasm for any Dem candidate => brokered convention

Ø This is what Michael Bloomberg is counting on; this is where he thinks he can win the Dem nomination as the sane, anti-Sanders liberal…but will Hillary cooperate?

ALL Dem candidates are offering radical leftism

NOT a fit with many traditional Democrat voters

NOT a fit for America



House Hearings on RemainInMexico

President Trump’s initiatives to secure the border are working

Ø The Wall is gradually being built

Ø Substantially fewer illegal crossings

Ø Requiring asylum seekers to wait in Mexico pending US asylum hearing…

…is slowing down the flow of applicants

AND YET – Dems to open hearings on treatment of asylum seekers in Mexico

Dems’ open borders agenda is radical and relentless

Dems care more about those outside the country than the citizens already in

America must eject Democrats, across the country, in 2020


Impeachment Quagmire

Impeachment is a hyper-lawyered, ruling class soap opera…

            …Main Street Americans have seen through and are fed up with this scam, and tuned out

Arguments about ‘witnesses’ & ‘new evidence’ are irrelevant, orchestrated, hogwash

Pompous, grandstanding Senators will think their daily ‘trial’ commentary is dramatic and important…look for click bait headlines involving Romney, Collins, Murkowski et. al.

Americans’ bottom line:

 This impeachment is a disgraceful, hyper-partisan trivializing of the Constitution

TDS is not an affliction of the American people – They like their President

Senators had better acquit President Trump promptly