Why It Matters – The January 16th Show

Why It Matters – The January 16th Show

MLK Day: Dream More Real Every Day


MLK was not a morally perfect man; and his thoughts about Christianity, America and liberty (socialism) may have been articulated more or less persuasively at different parts of his life, but:

  • Letter from a Birmingham jail” is an American classic
  • To be judged by the content of our character and not by the color of our skin


…MLK should be forever honored for voicing it

Neither cancel culture, CRT, revisionist history nor bizarre statue in Boston Commons should be allowed to obscure the good that MLK contributed to American culture

MLK Holiday provides a valuable prompting

to look at the whole of MLK’s contribution


AZ: Kari Lake Boost & Hobbs Bombs


AZ appellate court has agreed to expedite hearing of Kari Lake’s case

…this is far better for Lake than a decision to let the case lag as ‘just another appeal’

Katie Hobbs is acting with an ugly attitude of defiance toward the people of Arizona

Among first acts as ‘governor’ in a rotten election

Provide $40M in tuition aid to illegal aliens to attend college

Order schools to indoctrinate around ‘correct’ use of pronouns

Arizonans KNOW the 2022 election was stolen; Hobbs is an illegitimate governor

Hobbs rarely shows her face in public, because she KNOWS the election was stolen

The only question is whether AZ appellate judges (or any judges anywhere in the USA) have

the moral courage to do justice in the face of the obvious truth


Tina Peters & Jericho March


Tina Peters—’ordinary’ American patriot/citizen and Election Clerk of Mesa County, CO—

Acted on rational suspicion of 2021 election results, and ended up exposing

the ways in which elections are manipulated and stolen using electronic voting machines…i.e., Peters exposed election fraud in detailed ways which have not been and cannot be refuted

Peters’ actions are heroic (and bipartisan) in the service of preserving America, yet Colorado’s ‘elected’ officials are ordering/facilitating the prosecution of Peters for:

  • Asking the Board of Supervisors to look into what she found (as if the mere questioning of an election is a crime in Colorado)
  • Allowing use of an IT badge to facilitate forensic exam of election machines

Colorado’s prosecution of Tina Peters in unconscionable; it is a vivid illustration of a legal system that is completely unhinged from respect for truth; it is not surprising that many Coloradoans have rallied to her…even staging a Jericho march