Why It Matters – The January 16th Show

Why It Matters – The January 16th Show

Trump’s Blowout Victory in Iowa


Iowans delivered the message of the American people

  • Blizzards will not stop the American people from acting to take back their country

oAll but one of Iowa’s 99 counties voted for Trump by historic margins…and the one county that didn’t went for Haley because of Democrat votes

  • Trump is the only solution to the manifest corruption and anti-American arrogance of the Deep State/Uniparty

Ramaswamy has withdrawn from further campaigning…so should DeSantis and Haley

Tucker Carlson and others are speaking the truth about the emerging ‘reality’:

ØHaley is the Democrats’ preferred option for getting away from Biden, and defeating Trump

ØWatch for heavy Democrat crossover votes in NH primary to give Haley a ‘win’

Scope of the machinations of moneyed interests to stop Trump are astounding  Their fear of him…is why the American people support him


ADF – Fighting Back Against Woke Tyranny in Schools


Michigan school district actively deceived parents as to ‘transitioning’ of their daughter

School officials used male pronouns and a male name for the daughter while at school

Hid this fact from the parents; used correct pronouns/name when meeting with parents

School officials viewed parents as obstacles to care and treatment of children

This case highlights fundamental questions as to the relationship between State and Family

  • Honoring and supporting the traditional role of parents in the raising of their children is as American as apple pie
  • Injecting the state-sanctioned religion of transgenderism into public schools is a classic communist tactic for destroying the nuclear family as the bedrock of American society

Kudos to the Alliance Defending Freedom for taking on this case

These kinds of school policies must be found unconstitutional


Chevron – A SCOTUS Pivot to Restore the Republic?


‘Chevron’ case represents long-standing judicial posture of deference to agency judgments in implementing legislation and policy

But agency overreach, particularly in environmental realm, has led to backlash

  • Are agencies usurping the role of the popularly elected legislature to make critical, society-shaping rules and regulations?

SCOTUS will hear arguments Wednesday on a case that could lead to reversing Chevron

ØThe left supports Chevron:  loves agency power in the hands of un-fire-able ideologues

ØMAGA opposes Chevron: out-of-control Deep State is fed by deference to agencies

AmericaèGovernment by consent of the governed

Chevron doctrine has undermined this founding principle and should be overturned