Why It Matters – The January 16th Show

Why It Matters – The January 16th Show

Bernie’s Mission Exposed – Now What?


Project Veritas videos are NOT about low-level, unpaid volunteers with drunken bravado

Ø These are Bernie’s true believers

Ø These are paid campaign workers

Ø They have not been fired and they are not going to be fired

Ø Soviet gulags were good because paid living wage and conjugal visits???!!!


        Yes, this won’t win in America in 2020…BUT

        A Sanders candidacy wouldn’t be remotely viable in a better educated America

        The video characters are indoctrinated and mesmerized…they are the product of a deliberate, orchestrated, well-financed leftist agenda to overthrow America as founded

Sanders’ ideology will not be defeated in one election, or by ad hoc efforts

Organized, determined, persistent re-teaching of America is needed


Determined Deep State Chameleon Coup


ü Russia collusion hoax

ü Ukraine whistleblower and impeachment scam

ü Emoluments

ü Stormy Daniels

ü NYC tax investigation

ü IC IG corruption in revising whistleblower procedures ‘just in time’

ü Wray’s insincere ‘regret’ and utterly bogus reforms of FISA abuses

ü Daniel Kris appointment to review FISA abuses is Bonnie investigating Clyde

        The Deep State is relentless in efforts to get rid of President Trump because it is exposed

        The Ukrainian money-laundering to benefit US politicians crosses party lines; multiple US Senators are up to their eyeballs in corruption

The American people, by sheer force of will, MUST NOT permit the Deep State to prevail


Flynn Plea Withdrawal


Ø Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn and attorney Sidney Powell are at the front lines of the war against the Deep State

Every nickel of financial support you can give them is participation in the fight

Ø Ms. Powell is outing the evidence of profoundly corrupt DOJ officials; she is forcing the judicial system to deal with the truth

Ø Flynn publicly disagreed with Obama over the nature and scope of the Islamic threat, and Obama underlings then set out to destroy him, framing him and filing false documents in court to do so

It’s that simple