Why It Matters – The January 17th Show

Why It Matters – The January 17th Show

The American Gulag Chronicles


Treatment of J6 Prisoners in DC Gulags—

  • Unconscionable by any measure of Western Civilization
  • Beyond unconscionable to outright evil in the USA, where due process is supposed to be Constitutionally guaranteed
  • Yet Uniparty politicians are totally silent; DC judges look the other way; DC prosecutors still touting the ‘insurrection’ that never was

McCarthy’s move to release 14,000 hours of J6 tape a good beginning toward transparency

  • …but who will take corrective action? Who can be trusted to acknowledge the wrong done and repair it? Who still cares about TRUTH and justice

The parallels to 1930’s Germany…

’why did the German people allow this to happen?’ are chilling

America must restore her moral compass, or be lost


Misinfo” Signer KNEW Hunter Laptop Real


Douglas Wise—among the 51 ‘distinguished’ signers of the infamous pre-2020 election letter that dismissed Hunter Biden laptop story as ‘Russian disinformation’—has no remorse

  • Evidence that laptop was genuine just proved Russians were good at misinformation
  • Letter from the 51 was just a warning letter; no real impact on election

Just another example:

  • Conscience and respect for truth are sorely absent from senior levels of the US government….
  • Everything is partisan hackery
  • No one believes truth exists; no one admits to an agenda; no one admits to a mistake

Society devoid of honesty and respect for truth will not survive

America needs new leaders, everywhere


Biden Docs- Will It Matter?


EVERYTHING about this scandal reeks of plotting and planning

Nothing rings true or authentic about the timeline, the people involved, the WH answers

Evidence overwhelming of Biden family corruption…of Biden as a target of ‘elite capture’

Penn Biden Center a center of dark money influence, payoffs

Hunter paying $50K rent per month for Joe’s house is obvious money laundering, but begs the questions

  • What money is being laundered?
  • From whom?
  • For what quid pro quo?

Americans are getting real-time exposure of massive corruption in every corner of the federal govt

Where can Americans go to see justice done?

GOP House is offering some hope


DNA of America: Biden, Trudeau and Obrador


Declaration of North America…top two items

  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
  • Climate change

At a time of rampant inflation, open border nationals security crisis, energy mismanagement, covid lies, billions to Ukraine, CCP and Taiwan tensions…

This is what Biden, Trudeau and Obrador are concerned with?

Unserious government in extraordinarily serious times is a recipe for disaster

Stolen elections have consequences Americans are going to have to face and fix


Leftists Bully EVEN Police


LAPD backs away from appreciating ‘back the blue’ support

Don’t want to offend those who want to defund the police

Grapevine PD turns away free pizza for the entire department because given by an organization that supports traditional marriage and nuclear family

Don’t want to offend anyone who hates traditional marriage and nuclear family

When will America’s institutions and corporations

stop being afraid of offending those who hate America?