Why It Matters – The January 17th Show

Why It Matters – The January 17th Show

MLK was conservative…


Martin Luther King, Jr. had the right ideas about race relations

  • Judged on the content of character, not color of skin
  • …little black boys and girls holding hands and playing with little white boys and girls…

MLK had the right idea about the importance of intact families

  • Married father, mother and child: the most important building block of stable society…
  • …the best means for passing along values from one generation to the next

MLK was crystal clear on the divine nature of America’s founding ideals

  • He understood the institution of slavery as a flaw of people, not of America’s ideals

MLK was inspired by the ‘gospel of Christ, the gospel of freedom’

DEMS of 2022 never speak of the Gospels

MLK was a conservative


America: Waking Up OR Going Extreme?


Recent poll reports majority of Americans now identify as Republican

  • Same poll identified the largest one-year shift in political affiliation in polling history
  • Same poll shows one prime reason for the shift: Biden’s insistence on vaccine mandates

YET…polls show 45% DEMS support quarantine/confinement for unvaccinated Americans

  • Product of relentless ‘fear porn’; too many Americans still paralyzed by fear and blocked from common sense

The ‘awakening’ is going to win…

  • Hypocrisy of the left impels the awakening on many levels
    • Senator Tom Cotton defends the filibuster with a speech full of quotes…from Chuck Schumer!
    • DirectTV (cancellers of OAN for no reason except obedience to tyranny) need to feel consequences…stop being a customer of DirectTV!


Race & the Real America


Young black man in a Kroger’s in Ohio…

  • Witnesses purse-snatching from 87 year old woman…by a white man
  • Chases the thief down
  • Pins the thief down till police arrive
  • Crowd forms and demands the thief apologize to the woman
  • Young black man hailed as a hero

This is the Real America…

These are the actions of young man defined by character, not skin color…

This would never be the product of teaching CRT…

            …but it is the product of the culture that springs from American ideals


Virginia Shows What Leadership Looks Like


New VA Governor Glenn Youngkin starts with a flourish – 11 executive orders implementing an agenda his voters desired

New VA AG fires entire Civil Rights division…NOT to abolish civil rights, but to reestablish civil rights on the basis of the Constitution and Bill of Rights, not CRT and radical leftism

  • Soros-funded elected prosecutors will be superseded by AG if needed to fight crime

New VA Lt. Gov. Winsome Sears goes directly after CRT in public schools; will not be lied to about whether it is being taught

THIS is a good start at what conservative leadership must look like in 2022

Not about meeting halfway with the radical left…

…It’s about sweeping away the poison of radical leftism