Why It Matters – The January 18th Show

Why It Matters – The January 18th Show

Extraterrestrial John Kerry @ WEF


WEF 2023 in Davos—Arrogance and elitism on display…on steroids

  • John Kerry congratulates himself on being one of a small group of human beings gathered together to save us all from destroying the planet
  • Pfizer CEO Bourla dares to show his face…as ‘died suddenly’ explodes around the world…as live birth rates reportedly drop 20% around the world…and physicians point to the vaccines
  • US Secretary of Labor claims a labor shortage in USA that requires more immigrants
  • Al Gore demonizes intolerant, xenophobic Americans for not bowing to the climate gods
  • High class (?) prostitutes gathering to service these masters of the universe

o  How is this different than Old Testament kings and concubines?


Americans must re-learn the still radical concepts of

individual freedom and limited government by consent of the governed

NOT mass subservience to a ruling elite


Soros’ $131 Million to Global Media


Brent Bozell’s Media Research Center has compiled the data—

  • George Soros’ million$ distributed to the pockets of media figures around the world

Buying proliferation and protection of left-wing propaganda

  • Works hand-in-hand with Big Tech/social media censorship
  • Opinion and commentary controlled through outright censorship (Twitter, FB, YouTube)
  • Shaping opinion through skewed search results (Google, Bing)

Ruling class efforts to ‘create’ truth and suppress Truth are as old as the human condition

Tools for doing so in the 21st century are more subtle, ubiquitous and sophisticated than ever

Alertness and discernment are critical to the survival of freedom

That’s why alternative, uncompromised media voices are so important

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